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dodgem mouse

Not practical, but pretty cool!
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The mouse is shaped like a dodgem car, with the big long ariel/connecter thingy sticking up, and instead of a mouse mat, a dodgem arena, complete with electrical mesh roof.

The power for the mouse, and the signal to the pc are conducted through the mesh roof and down a cable into the standard pc connector.

A big mouse arena could be used with two mice for two pc's side by side and the two user can do battle.

Instead of clicking the mouse, the car could be bumped (into the wall or another car/user)

I know it's a whole heap of fuss, with little to no practicality... but what fun!

MikeOliver, Mar 04 2004


       I don't know about having the whole dodgem arena with the wire-mesh roof, but just a mouse shaped like a dodgem car would be nice
hippo, Mar 04 2024


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