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expandable laptop mouse

A mini computer mouse that transforms into a larger one.
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I recently bought a small wireless travelling mouse, the mouse is compact and it fits anywhere. the only thing it feels a bit small in my hand and a bigger desktop mouse just feels better in your hand. Wouldn't be great to have the same mouse to have an additional mechanism that allows it to expand e.g inflatable mechanism inside and become a bigger mouse. It will do it by itself whenever you turn on the mouse, and you could have a personal setting of how big of a mouse you want.
romanmar, Oct 28 2004

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       "So all I got was this wallet?"
"Yeah, but if you rub it long enough, you'll have a suitcase"
Mr Burns, Oct 28 2004

       [+] Good idea.   

       I like the idea of a simple model that you blow up with a single puff of air, or suck on to instantly wad the material into a tight ball for packing.   

       How do you intend to make it self-inflating? Including a compressor or even an CO2 cartridge seems like it would increase the size of the uninflated device considerably.   

       How do you intend to make the size adjustable? I guess you could do that if you make it with a stretchy material, but it seems like it would hard to make it inflate to the correct shape. Also, if it's squishable it seems like you might have problems with it moving when you squeeze it to press a button.   

       If you just used a non-stretchy material with some internal baffels, and it was pressurized well enough, it could hold a nice shape and not deform too much during use. Size adjustability seems like an unnecessary feature to me.
scad mientist, Oct 28 2004

       I was thinking that inflating action would be there just so it will reach the 3 levels of expansion that it will allow. E.g. once it reaches some level it will click( lock ) into that place, once it locks it will not need to pump air into it.
romanmar, Oct 29 2004

       Is the expandable Logitech v500 really widely known to exist? Cool enough, but I'd never heard of it.
jutta, Nov 07 2004

       I like [+]. I like inflatable ideas, but only ones which lend themselves naturally to inflatability.
wagster, Nov 07 2004


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