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Backscratch spideRobot

Hangs from your shoulders and works with app in your phone
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Catching on via a thin thread from you shoulders this robotic spider gets to the area on your back neading a scratch, detects it, films it showing the are to your app, and scratches you without harming you.

You can also call out to have it scratch the areas you wish: A4 B2 D5 etc. It can remember where the itching areas are and can see to it that no harm is done when rubbing/scratching. Take a picture of your back with a selfie stick and then send the BS SR to check out from close up, and it will tell you if you have a rash or bug bite. Can also smear cream if needed. Replaceable small tips made of towel-like material, or perhaps a small glove, can be removed and washed or can be disposed of and replaced.

pashute, Jun 24 2019


       <scratches back(scratch)pack from back of scratch-pad>   


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