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Band Aid solvent

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To be applied when the bandaid is ready to come off, the solvent permeates the holes in the bandaid and renders the adhesive ineffective, easing the bandaid's removal.
simonj, May 21 2009

similar idea http://www.allegrom...e-8-oz-p177428.html
[xandram, May 21 2009]


       Available at most pharmacies. Isopropyl alcohol. Mmmm.
coprocephalous, May 21 2009

       <dm>Great idea, sometimes those concerts just go on, and on, and on...</dm>
zen_tom, May 21 2009

       Use of such a solvent defeats the object of applying the "band-aid" or sticking plaster.   

       It is a well known fact that the purpose is to teach kids about irony, by applying something which will later cause more pain than the original injury.
Twizz, May 21 2009

       What about soapy water?
Jscotty, May 21 2009

       Make dissolvable bandaids that come with a removal kit - and can be dissolved without the pain.
DIYMatt, May 21 2009

       Encapsulate said solvent in time release capsules, and disperse these in the adhesive, so the band-aid just comes off easily after, say, 24 hrs.
daseva, May 21 2009

       Now if we could find some way to cause the band-aid to fall off at the most in-opportune moment...
MikeD, May 21 2009


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