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Bush Collecting
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Each time you make love to a new woman, photograph their vagina and display the image on a small badge or button on your vest/jacket/hat etc.

If you should confront the same woman that has an image of their vagina on your clothing, whilst in the supermarket/dentist waiting room/polo club etc ensure that you do not forget their name as this may often offend.

Conversely, this may also be done by heterosexual women - though the title of this idea should be altered to something more appropriate.

benfrost, Jun 18 2005

'Memoirs of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden http://www.amazon.c...202-5406952-5371800
[DrBob, Jun 19 2005]

Ghostface lyrics http://www.ohhla.com/YFA_ghost.html
very much like Keats, I feel. [calum, Jun 21 2005]

Yum! http://www.pizzavol....it/DSCN0118lit.jpg
[daseva, Jun 22 2005]

Do You Recognize This? http://www1.ihatemy...atge_ficeb_2004.jpg
The poster for the Festival of Erotic Cinema in Barcelona 2004. [baconbrain, Jul 12 2005]

Vulva Puppets http://www.yoni.com.../holidayvulvas.html
No comment. [ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 16 2006]


       Oh god.
Detly, Jun 18 2005

goatfaceKilla, Jun 18 2005

       don't pretend to be so innocent.
benfrost, Jun 18 2005

       Wasn't/isn't there a corollary idea on the site for a t shirt with a picture of the wearer's arse? Might make for an interesting juxtaposition.
calum, Jun 18 2005

       //Might make for an interesting juxtaposition//   

       I agree. In fact, why don't get a mould of the vagina and have someone scale it up and make a hat out of it. A big floppy taco hat that hangs over your face in styles couture.   

       Yeah, then, you can have the badges, the hat, and eat vagina jam and, ride in your vaginauto, and sing the vagina blues, and, oh, happy day!   

       Vagina posts are tasteless.
daseva, Jun 18 2005

       Not going there, just not gonna do it.   

       I once read a novel by Clavell in which one of the legendarily promiscuous characters kept a photo collection of every "jade gate" he'd had the pleasure of penetrating. Didn't make badges out of the photos, though, rather, he had them on display in a cabinet in his office. Odd, I thought.   

       This idea is a good bit odder.
bristolz, Jun 18 2005

       Shouldn't the photos go on the jar?
Ling, Jun 18 2005

       I am struggling to post anything on this idea due to a technical issue. [m****d-for-d******n] pun.   

       *Edit - I do think that it is a bad play on words in order to get 'badge' and 'vagina' rammed together without too much of an idea. Maybe it isn't strictly a pun [bris] but it ain't that far away in my opinion.
gnomethang, Jun 18 2005

       How is this, at all, a pun? The mfd should go.
bristolz, Jun 18 2005

       She wore a vast array of Badgecocks.
benfrost, Jun 18 2005

       //get a mould of the vagina// I hear you can get cream for that.
lostdog, Jun 19 2005

       The closet tree-hugger couldn’t get enough. Behind his suits stood a row of trunk sections, each flaunting a single pussy patch ... The Badgina Mono-logs.
FarmerJohn, Jun 19 2005

       Ben Frost is dead.   

       A bunch of females beat the crap out of him. However, on his grave stone he posted... :)
sartep, Jun 19 2005

       If the females did die, it would be from laughing themselves to death. Though teetering on the tightrope of bad taste, his ideas almost always amuse me.
blissmiss, Jun 19 2005

       //teetering on the tightrope// = wallowing in the mire
wagster, Jun 19 2005

bristolz, Jun 19 2005

       Porcupangina -- chest pain symptoms caused by many randomly occuring muscle spasms. Early signs are fasciculations of the abdominal muscles and wheezing, coarse, expiratory effort some authorities have compared to 'mule cheers'. Later signs are near exhaustion, a severely aching chest and latent stomach and groin muscle damage secondary to choreoathetoid movements and loss of voluntary muscle control. A common symptom report by victims of the condition is "at first it just feels kind of funny".
reensure, Jun 19 2005

       weird use of *flirts* :)
po, Jun 19 2005

       Why can't this idea be used for the purposes of good? I don't think many would find it insulting if said badge necklace wearer was a hot celebrity or a super model.   

       You could call it a goodgina or something.
sartep, Jun 19 2005

       The idea rings bells with me. I'm sure I've encountered this exact same idea before but I'm damned if I can remember where. I know Arthur Golden's 'Memoirs of a Geisha' (link) had a character who collected swabs of blood from the virgins he had slept with but it's not that. And it's not 'Sex, Lies & Videotape' where the guy records videos of women masturbating. I'm pretty sure it's a book. Damn, this is going to annoy me all week now!

Anyway, I will give this a [m-f-d] (edited) not because it offends my sensibilities but because sexual trophy hunting is pretty well baked, although I will have to concede (for the moment at least - I wish I could remember where I've met this idea before) that the actual trophies may be unique.
DrBob, Jun 19 2005

       I must disagree with the good doctor on the mfd, though it pains me to do so. And I applaud the idea. I know not what we would do if indeed benfrost was dead.   

       The name has to go, though.
waugsqueke, Jun 20 2005

       I disagree with the mfd as well. It's just too sweeping an objection.
bristolz, Jun 20 2005

       Yeah... it's an idea. Marking this for deletion because sexual trophy hunting already exists is like marking Vagina Jam for deletion because we already had strawberry.   

       DrBob: was it 'Flatliners'?
st3f, Jun 20 2005

       Yep, it's an idea, it's new, fortunately original, might be gross-out humour but I'm not gonna call it, but still... aarrgh. My poor, poor brain.
david_scothern, Jun 20 2005

       I think it's vital that [benfrost] has the Halfbakery as an outlet.
Detly, Jun 20 2005

       Oh you lot are no fun! Alright, I've edited the m-f-d comment. Bah!

No, I've remembered it now. It wasn't Flatliners, st3f, which I've never seen but it was in a soft porn paperback that I found on someone's bookshelf when I was a teenager. I still can't recall the name of the book but one of the characters had made paintings of the vaginas of all his conquests and had them hanging on his wall.
DrBob, Jun 20 2005

       //soft porn paperback that I found on someone's bookshelf// shyeah, *right*.
salachair, Jun 20 2005

       It's true! Honest!
DrBob, Jun 20 2005

       That someone wasn't a young Dr. Bob was it?
wagster, Jun 20 2005

       Nah. I didn't start owning books until I was older.
DrBob, Jun 20 2005

       I'll be wearing a good number of these on my wedding day, obviously.
jonthegeologist, Jun 20 2005

       I'm with [goatfacekilla] on this one. (By the way, [goatface] do you kill goats, or do you kill people/things that just have goat-faces(apart from goats, presumably)? Just been bugging me, is all)
zen_tom, Jun 20 2005

       I thought this might have something to do with the striped design of the badger.
bungston, Jun 21 2005

       [Ian Tindale] - sex sound ringtones is a great idea. their sounds - or the sounds of the actual act (recorded onto a discreetly placed mobile phone with microphone) can then be catalogued such that when they call you, their sex sound will harmoniusly remind you of who it may be.
benfrost, Jun 21 2005

       That really is a good idea.
daseva, Jun 21 2005

       //because it's novel, artistic and stands on its merits.//
well...two outa three ain't bad.

       [zen_tom] gfk's moniker is a sly reference to Ghost Faced Killah, a pseudoname made famous by Dennis Coles a celebrated rhymer of words.
DocBrown, Jun 21 2005

       //a celebrated rhymer of words// Like Keats and Wordsworth?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 21 2005

       sp. Ghostface Killa aka Sun God aka Tony Starks aka Ghostface aka Pretty Toney aka Tone-Tanna aka Ironman aka Black Jesus aka Ghost Deini.
calum, Jun 21 2005

       He tends to curse a little more than those other two [AWOL] but yeah, that aside, there's practically no difference.
DocBrown, Jun 21 2005

       I think if I had to remember all those names (thanks, [calum]) then I might resort to strong language. Would I be familiar with any of his oeuvre?
I'll wager he's probably familiar with Keats' opiates.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 21 2005

       //Would I be familiar with any of his oeuvre//
Depends how into mid-to-early ninetees kung fu-inspired stripped-down hiphop you are.
calum, Jun 21 2005

       Maybe it's my bad ... , but I don't hear much from the oeuvre-meisters of funk these days. Could be my "get in school and stay in school" crusty old line is holding.
reensure, Jun 21 2005

       heh, heh, I never thought about it like that.. heh..   

       Vagina posts really probably have a strong taste.
daseva, Jun 21 2005

       Delicate nectar, actually.
normzone, Jun 21 2005

       Am I the only woman here who wouldn't recognize a picture of her vagina even it was stapled to her forehead???
Susan, Jun 21 2005

       You are missing the point gentle men, deliberately I suspect. [benfrost] thinks that you (men) have to remember every (photographed) vagina and its accompanying name.   

       Beside the fact that not every guy likes to be that close to my forehead (or vice versa might I add) he wouldn't have to remember my name because he is wearing my badge because I wouldn't recognize it even if he did.
Susan, Jun 21 2005

       "Women don't need fingerprints. They have vaginas."   

       //remember every (photographed) vagina and its accompanying name//   

       You guys name them? Cool.
daseva, Jun 21 2005

       I assume these would also be available at brothel gift shops?
Worldgineer, Jun 21 2005

       Badger Badges? Huh?
The Kat, Jun 21 2005

       //Just because it flirts with the dangerous edge of your sensibilities doesn't make it wrong, merely avant-garde, for your culture.//   

       This is not flirting with any dangerous edge of sensibilities, and nowhere near avant-garde. Whatever the intention here, I am not offended by the 'invention' itself. In fact I am not offended by any bit of it. My reaction is most similar to my reaction to a velvet painting of Mary staring into baby Jesus' face, or Elvis. I am curiously stunned and slightly entertained, in a campy thrift store find kind kind of way, that anyone would ever find it worth making in the first place, and then that someone else thought enough of it to hang it on their wall.   

       Or, in other words, "Oh, another one of those." Not really worth bothering with much, unless you are really bored or procrastinating folding the laundry.
oxen crossing, Jun 21 2005

       a velvet mary ringtone? i won't go into who might wear the badge.
benfrost, Jun 22 2005

       //Am I the only woman here who wouldn't recognize a picture of her vagina even it was stapled to her forehead???//   

       whah the hey??????
blissmiss, Jun 22 2005

       I have a friend who has a photo album of stranger's vaginas, ears, noses, and other body parts. All are Polaroids.   

       In his defense, he is a body piercer by trade, and this is his portfolio.
Giblet, Jun 22 2005

       //It would probably be difficult to photograph...//   

       This made me laugh. Thank you [scout].
Detly, Jun 22 2005

       Butterscotch, yo!
daseva, Jun 22 2005

       "don't pretend to be so innocent." I like how he's so unashamed. But I am talking about [benfrost] here.
Eugene, Jul 12 2005

       It's probably way the hell too late to point this out, but the word vagina is sometimes considered to apply only to the interior passage. The exterior that would be easily photographed is the vulva. With some effort, the vagina can be photographed, and the photograph can be sold to a certain magazine, but I'm not buying it.
baconbrain, Jul 12 2005

       You have a gift, [rcarty].
bungston, Feb 05 2006

       And for the one's you wished you hadn't, Panic Pinises?
normzone, Feb 05 2006


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