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universal subtle informational gesture system (USIGS)

let objects of interest in the know know you're interested (or not)
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we've all experienced it, whether in class, on the train, at the pub, library, or supermarket. you spot a fine lass/lad across the way, your eyes meet, maybe not...you can't tell. sometimes the moment just isn't right - you can't tell, and within seconds the window of opportunity has shut. but she/he's special - you have to say something...you HAVE TO...and then, you notice that she/he coughs distinctly three times, then touches her/his right ear, and stands in place. was it chance? or are they privvy to the USIGS? cuz if they are, they just let you know they want you to come home with them immediately.

the USIGS is a universal system (under development), which should be widely disseminated among the proles. it consists of various subtle gesture combinations, which, viewed from afar are meaningless, but to those aware of the system deliver predetermined messages to the onlooker. there are a number of problems that need to be fleshed out, for instance, if more than one person is focused on you, to which person are you sending the message? my initial solution to this problem is providing that the gesture-maker makes an effort to make SOME add'l eye contact w/ the object of desire if it's crowded. all in all, the USIGS has promise (see examples below):


cough x 3, hand to ear: come home with me immediately

faux sneeze x 2, hand to forehead, fingers through hair: i have an extensive collection of soul music which i'd like to share with you

left hand scratches right shoulder for unnatural period of time: perhaps you should come have a word with me

the system can be both a system for invitation, as demonstrated above, or a defensive system (i.e. avert definite disappointment):

both hands rub face simultaneously, as hands pull away fingers interlock: i'm taken dork

tip of thumb is bitten lightly: i'm utterly uninterested

left hand index and middle finger crossed, right hand thumb raised up: i'm gay.

see? promising!

screwtape, Sep 15 2003

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       What does left finger in ear, right finger up nose mean?
Cedar Park, Sep 15 2003

       can i get some love here!?
screwtape, Sep 15 2003

       (mumbles something about 'Happy Cuddle Club')
Cedar Park, Sep 15 2003

       //left finger in ear, right finger up nose//
For baseball's third-base coaching signals, that's a *hit and run*.
thumbwax, Sep 15 2003

       Sounds like colds and skin diseases will be great for meeting people.
nichpo, Sep 15 2003

       How about a hat with three colour-coded flags that you can ping out by pressing a button somewhere (cable down sleeve of coat?). Green for "Come and get it", yellow for "Well, try your luck" and red for "NOOOOOOOO!". A bit obvious though.
squeak, Sep 15 2003

       What if someone not privvy to USIGS accidently gave you a signal?
Del, Sep 28 2003

       //left hand scratches right shoulder for unnatural period of time: perhaps you should come have a word with me//   

       Or perhaps they have fleas...
little dog laughed, Sep 29 2003


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