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Pubic Hair Beads

For men!
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The clitoris - loads of fun, but located slightly above most of the action during conventional missionary position sex. How to improve participation? Various toys can be discovered in a cursory google, most of which the man must wear around the penis, and which protrude up like a shark fin to engage the clitoris. This is well and good, but these adornments are difficult to wear around on a day to day just in case basis. Trust us.

Experimentation with our anatomically correct models here at BUNGCO's Marital Aid Division has discovered that during sex, the part of the male body coming into contact with the clitoris is the pubic symphisis, and overlying pubic hair. We are proud to introduce Public Hair Beads for the caring male to wear in his nether fur, thus improving stimulation for his partner. And looking snazzy!

Available in burnished bronze, ironwood, petrified bone and walrus tusk ivory.

bungston, Aug 09 2006

Bristolz' 'Todger Thingy' illustration http://bz.pair.com/fun/todger_thingy.html
PuBeads would play havoc with my Todger Thingy. [ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 09 2006]


       Um... OW! You go first.
+mw+, Aug 09 2006

       //Public Hair Beads// ... Freudian slip?
pertinax, Aug 09 2006

       I'm uh...frayed.   

       I think I can make a few braids. Sign me up! I love doing product research.
notmarkflynn, Aug 09 2006

       Nothing on Google. Appears you've stumbled onto virgin territory.
ldischler, Aug 09 2006

       Dude, take this away and bake it. It sounds eminently credible, and nobody'll dare ask for a refund.
moomintroll, Aug 09 2006

       We need some safety feature to avoid the almost inevitable occurance of getting one of these caught somewhere.
zen_tom, Aug 09 2006

       //Appears you've stumbled onto virgin territory.//

So to speak.
angel, Aug 09 2006

       Some men may need extensions for their, er...beads.   

       I can almost just imagine the overwhelming clacking noises you would hear in the adult movie theaters across the world.
What? I said, "Almost."
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 09 2006

       Catholics could use Rosary beads, allowing them to both sin and repent simultaneously.
zen_tom, Aug 09 2006

       You could have them braided on the beach whilst on holiday.
skinflaps, Aug 09 2006

       Not the case for me.
angel, Aug 09 2006

       I honestly would give this a shot, if only I could find someone to do it for me.
notmarkflynn, Aug 09 2006

       A [+] for the intent, but what about those of us who maintain that area shrubbery-free?
normzone, Aug 09 2006

bungston, Aug 09 2006

methinksnot, Aug 09 2006

       So let's see you wearing them! Oh, wait a minute - on second thoughts, let's not!   

       And I think a video of nmf trying to persuade random girls to braid him might well become an Internet classic.
DrCurry, Aug 10 2006

       Oh [Norm], information overload...   


       ...and now I gotta shave the damn sock puppet!   

       But, what if I accidently swallow one?
tallbrownie, Aug 10 2006

The_Englishman_Abroad, Aug 10 2006

       My thoughts exactly...
tallbrownie, Aug 10 2006

       There was a rumour that the NIck Cave lyric "The Useless old f*cker with his twinkling c*nt" was about Tori Amos having attached sequins to her pubic hair, so this did ring a bell of sorts... [+]anyway, may well consider trying it if I ever have a sex life!
Azazello, Aug 10 2006

       I started out thinking that these would be incredibly uncomfortable but then I had a mental of image of pubic beads in a disco globe stylee. Drop your keks and blind your partner with the incredible light show. Has to be a + from me.
DrBob, Aug 10 2006

       So... is this like Miss Thang from Scary Movie?   

       I do believe most of my hair would, if weighted down with beads, be located on a level with, or below my original clit stimulating hardware...
ye_river_xiv, Aug 11 2006


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