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Indestructible Inflatable Love Dolls for Superheroes

Because We Can
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GROGco appreciates the essential role played by our superheroes, and empathizes with the lonely life they have carved out for themselves. In almost every case, a love life is simply out of the question...

Until Now!

We are pleased to present a wide range of GROGco Inflatable Love Dolls for Superheroes! We have fireproof models for Johnny Flame-On, Kevlar models for Superman, and weighted waterproof models for Aqua-man. For Spider-man, we have a very bouncy version just in case it slips away during a particularly daring swing between office buildings.

And ladies, we haven't forgotten you! Wonder Woman will be delighted with the studly versions, complete with a full set of prerecorded taped sweet truthful nothings that will immediately kick in if she lasso's it with her Lasso of Truth.

Batman is respectfully requested to remove the hand grenades from his utility belt prior to the evenings activities.

Grogster, Jul 04 2013


       GROGco regrets to announce a recall of all Wonder Woman models after it was discovered that a wise-guy in the Engineering Department included taped messages such as "...wow, that's a lot of thigh fat..." and "...you **DO** realize there's a ball game on, right?..."
Grogster, Jul 04 2013

       Grog's been reading early Niven essays. Somebody grab him, I'll get the ether...
Alterother, Jul 04 2013

       "Virtually indestructible, yet it breathes like Egyptian cotton..."   

       Maybe now Aqua-man will leave the dolphins alone...
Grogster, Jul 04 2013

       I don't know about the idea but 'The Indestructible Love Dolls' would be a great name for a band!
DrBob, Jul 05 2013

       [+] Because I can.
(mans)laughter, Jul 05 2013

       "Indestructable Love Doll" as a tag phrase rolls off the tongue. I think it would be a better song than band.
bungston, Jul 06 2013

       Nope, it works best as an album title.
Alterother, Jul 06 2013

       The trick for the album cover would be to impart that steely gaze of the indestructable to the face of an inflatable love doll. Usually the mouth sabotages all expressiveness.
bungston, Jul 06 2013

       As opposed to a "One size fits all single use disposable love doll". sigh
popbottle, Jul 07 2013

       I think they call that pie.
RayfordSteele, Jul 07 2013


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