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Super 69 Lard Winch

For When Your Girth is Only Exceeded by Your Desire
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Thursday Oct 20: Dear Diary, this morning I followed 2 bowls of rice krispies with bacon, eggs, waffles and 3 packets of chocolate biscuits. The new diet is not starting out so well, but I have other things to look forward to. You see last night I stopped in at 'Discount Erotica' on Pitt St on my way home from work and picked up something for Ethel and I for this evening.

It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to get around lately, and when I was in the shop I knocked down an entire display of vibrators with my left flank. It was pretty embarassing but I was committed to getting the device I had read about.

I have it here lying on my bed, and I have been going over and over the instructions since breakfast - I'm so excited!

Ethel and I have tried several times from every angle to reach each other's parts simultaneously but to no avail. We quiver about like retching dugongs on a high sea - our mouths inches from the prize - but our gelatinous bellies prove to be the most difficult and frustrating of sexual adversaries.

'The Super 69 Lard Winch - for When Your Girth Is Only Exceeded by Your Desire' it says in bold letters across the top. It consists of two winches with hand cranks much like the jack I use to change the tyres on the station wagon.

'Both padded neck and shoulder braces can be adjusted to the desired angle to press your upper body down and into the appropriate region depending on your size.'

The diagram shows two large people, one on top of the other facing in opposite directions - both wearing the neck and shoulder braces. Once in position, a thick strap goes under the buttocks of the person laying underneath, around, over and attached to the rear of the neck brace the person on top is wearing. The same procedure occurs for the person underneath who wears an identical brace.

It comes with two winches - each winch to 'lay on a stable surface within reaching distance of both persons' the instructions say.

'With each downward crank on the winch, your partner's genitals will be pushed further and further towards your mouth. When you have made contact, take your time to enjoy the pleasures that morbid obesity has robbed of you. When satiated or in an emergency situation tap the winch crank in an upward direction to release.'

I think Ethel and I should eat out tonight.

benfrost, Oct 20 2005

Dugong http://australian-animals.net/dugong.htm
[benfrost, Oct 20 2005]

Cheeseboard Charlie http://www.viz.co.u...ststory%26id%3D2479
Definition [Jacob Marley, Oct 20 2005]


       That's... a disturbing image.
Adze, Oct 20 2005

       (-) for using the phrase "I think" cocurrently with this Idea.
reensure, Oct 20 2005

calum, Oct 20 2005

       I would be a little concerned about potential winch malfunctions. The scene at the emergency room would only be slightly less embarrasing than the major operation to get you there. (-) Because this is a self inflicted malady you Cheeseboard Charlie.
Jacob Marley, Oct 20 2005

       + but only for the dugong pictures.
angel, Oct 20 2005

       This is even more revolting than a [benf - <scrolls down> ....oh.
wagster, Oct 20 2005

PollyNo9, Oct 20 2005


       Phew, that's better.
calum, Oct 20 2005

       Yet another hefty idea from ben
theircompetitor, Oct 20 2005

       Amazingly, the writeup itself serves as an excellent appetite suppressant.
eosha, Jan 19 2006

       //retching dugong// ... earns you a bun.
moomintroll, Jan 19 2006


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