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Fruit Chute

"Some settling of the contents may have occurred during transit."
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In a supremely half-assed attempt at healthy eating, I have replaced my usual morning bowl of Coco Pops with a serving of Kellogg's Sultana Bran.

However, as with all fruit-including cereals, the fruit in question tends to sink to the bottom of the packet. Net result: first bowl of Sultana Bran is Bran; last bowl of Sultana Bran is Sultana.

I propose that the sultanas (or other fruit) be in the box separately from the bran (or other cereal). The fruit should stay in a smaller pipe/compartment located along the 'depth' of the box. When pouring cereal, open the inner bag as per, flip open the plastic fruit chute lid and tip into bowl. Then enjoy a perfect bowl of nutritious fruit and cereal.

calum, Feb 26 2002

Here's what you need! http://www.theimagi...orld.com/box285.jpg
[snarfyguy, Feb 28 2002]

See summary of Times article http://bitstream.ma...ites.com/2001/12/11
[hippo, Feb 28 2002]

Muffin Glue http://www.halfbake.../idea/Muffin_20Glue
[lubbit, Feb 28 2002]


       same effect can be had with existing packaging:   

       step 1: Store box upside down in pantry
step 2: Right box and shake gently
step 3: Enjoy a perfect bowl of nutritiuous fruit and cereal.

davidclark, Feb 26 2002

       Yes, but I am a lazy, lazy man. That sounds like too much effort.   

       And you have a *pantry*?
calum, Feb 26 2002

       Is this the same as Kellogg's Raisin Bran?
TeaTotal, Feb 26 2002

       Croissant, both for your ingenious idea and for your admirable attempt to be healthy. However, fruit distribution would not be a problem if, like me, you had a Dairy Milk and a packet of Quavers for you breakfast.
salachair, Feb 26 2002

       Like the idea, calum, but my favorite morning repast is a bowl of Kellogg's 'Just Right' (Don't ask me what it's called in the states...) which has sultanas, little date chunks, and nuts, as well as three kinds of cereal flake. Sounds like you'd need an awfully complicated box to serve that one properly.
How about injecting the raisins/sultanas with Helium, so that their relative weight is the same as a bran flake? Would this ensure random mixing of the sort required?
Second alternative:
1. Buy box of Bran Flakes
2. Buy box/packet of sultanas and station next to Bran Flakes in cupboard.
3. Pour flakes in bowl, and sprinkle in required amount of sultanas (which can now be to personal taste rather than Kellog's idea of the correct flake/dried fruit ratio)
4. Enjoy nutritious bowl of fruit and cereal, and probably save money as well.
goff, Feb 26 2002

       So what's a sultana? (Just Right is still Just Right over here).
RayfordSteele, Feb 26 2002

       TeaTotal, I would guess so.   

       salachair, the healthy eating program lasted only until lunch, when I ate 200g of Fruit and Nut.   

       goff, you could have a multi-tube system with one plastic flip lid, one tube for each bit of 'fruit.' Perhaps this would involve too much plastic. As for your second alternative, it is sound, but involves too much effort (buying, storing and opening more than one packet) for someone as lazy as I.
calum, Feb 26 2002

       A sultana is the wife of a Sultan. Alternatively, a form of dried grape. (Like a raisin, but larger, softer, and a pale brown in colour.)
angel, Feb 26 2002

       I thought sultanas were dates. (Which are delicious despite their resemblance to June bugs.)   

       I do as goff and others have stated. Flakes-only cereal with added fruit of choice. In my case, that's usually bananas or blueberries.   

       This way you're not limited to "____" Bran cereal. You can whip up whatever you want. Just think... Pumpkin Bran. Mushroom Bran. Clam Bran.
waugsqueke, Feb 26 2002

       Those a_r_e june bugs. I refuse to eat cold cereal. It's for ninnies - just the way the inventor(s) wanted.
thumbwax, Feb 27 2002

       Good idea, although I hate cereals. Maybe the range could be extended to 1 serving proportions similar to yoghurt pots, for people that know they should eat them, buy a great big box, have one bowl and put the packet in the cupboard with all the other nearly full cereal boxes. The single serving could have one section of bran, a flip over section of fruit and an extra compartment of milk. This would obviously reduce the sell by date, but I think it would sell.
arora, Feb 27 2002

       Three bowls, the first being sugared, the next not, the last bran to soak up the milk. I eat fast. Sugar Crisp - Rice Checks - All Bran. Then I have to get to bed.
reensure, Feb 27 2002

       Try Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries. The fruit is *always* perfectly integrated into the cereal for a most harmonious blend. Dunno how they do it. (see link)
snarfyguy, Feb 28 2002

       The way breakfast cereals redistribute themselves when shaken (the typical example is muesli, where nuts rise to the top) is a hot topic among those who study the physics of aggregates (An aggregate is a mixture of particles of different sizes, including dry and wet mixes of e.g. concrete). A fair amount of research effort has been devoted to breakfast cereal aggregates - unfortunately I can only find one interesting link (and the link from this to the Times article doesn't work).
hippo, Feb 28 2002

       Sounds like your breakfast cereal could use some Muffin Glue (link) at the time of packing.
lubbit, Feb 28 2002


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