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Cereal bag

You can't help but tear the bag...
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The first thing I look forward to every morning is a heaping bowl of Crispix(They don't get soggy in milk, you know). What I hate is when the bag is torn open, and there are delicious crispix strewn about.... I think there should be a zip-lock-esque type of closure for the bag...that way you dont lose and precious crispix...this is all I ask for in life
fuegoman69, Nov 18 2001

The Gadgeteer Review: Quickseals http://www.the-gadg...m/review/quickseals
An alternative solution for this problem: resealable tops that you transplant onto non-resealable bags. [jutta, Mar 13 2007]


       The important concern to me is, getting back from the cereal the calories I expend struggling with the unrippable bag. BTW, a new cereal: Apricot Bran Squares … is the bomb! The bag is just right.
reensure, Nov 18 2001

       BTW is Sunday food-day at the bakery?
po, Nov 18 2001

       'Apricot bran squares'? Butt-bomb..."It's Super Colon-Blow!"
StarChaser, Nov 18 2001

       you can buy crisps (thin slices of potato deep fried - forget what they are called in US) that come in a packet designed for you to tear off a strip at the top and leaving a zippy type closure to keep the remaining crisps fresh.
po, Nov 18 2001

       'Potato chips'. I've seen them occasionally with the zip top...becoming more common, I believe. I've also seen a little widget that heat-seals the bag back together. It seems to work on a lot of different materials, on just a couple of AA batteries.
StarChaser, Nov 18 2001

       Can you use your spoon to push a crispix through a dime sized-hole in the bag? Then, you will have learned.
reensure, Nov 18 2001

       could you translate that for me please reensure
po, Nov 18 2001

       The tear-off-strip and zippy-type-closure package is used for catfood as well. Excellent scheme.
angel, Nov 19 2001

-alx, Nov 19 2001

       Isn't it clear that the bags are designed the way they are because the "accidental" spillage means you have to buy more? Design an easy-open bag that less-chaotically destroys half of the contents upon opening, and you shall have your solution.
beauxeault, Nov 19 2001

       They already make zip-loc bags for cerel, you just gotta know what cerel to buy. The name brands don't use them, they come in a box, but Quaker Oats (the bag brand) comes with a rip-off-the-top-of-the-package-and-reseal with zip-loc type thing. Not only does it save you time trying to open all those bags, but it save you money. Any plastic bags are easier to put in the trash bin then big bulky boxes.
barnzenen, Nov 19 2001


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