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Cereal Box Crumble Catcher

No more bowl of crumbs on that last pour.
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The Crumble Catcher cereal box is a reuseable cereal box with a special sieve in the bottom that allows the tiny crumbles of cereal to fall through into a catcher compartment in the bottom. It is designed so that when you pour, the crumbs can't fall back out. No more cereal dust all over your last bowl of cereal!

The trick would be to create a mechanism to prevent the dust from coming back up. I propose a simple compartment below the sieve with a chute that leads down to a resovoir. The opening to the resovoir would be on the opposite side of the box from the one that you pour from. Simple. The only problem is I like grapenuts. there would have to be different sieve sizes for different cereals. Ultra fine for grape-nuts, bigger sieves for things like Honeycomb.

Cereal junkies will also appreciate it for the occasions when the box is empty. When they wake up in the night with the shakes because they need some Honeycomb they can empty out the "shake " from the resovior into their bowl to stave off full blown withdrawl for a few more hours.

joshuacronemeyer, Nov 22 2005


       Oh man. There are a million half-baked ideas on this already. Sheesh.
joshuacronemeyer, Nov 22 2005

       throw 'em to the birds.....................
po, Nov 22 2005

       Yeah, I had a similar thought about cereal last week when I ate a bowl of mostly cereal dust for the upteenth time. I was going to post it, but did a search of the - what's it called? oh yeah, ARCHIVES - and then didn't.   

       Read the FAQ...   

       What's incredible is that the geniuses in the cereal industry haven't come up with a way to solve this problem yet. They must all eat toast for breakfast and not know about this problem. Obviously they don't eat croissants.
migennes, Nov 23 2005

       this morning i tried maple syrup on my weet-bix. it was the best.
benfrost, Nov 23 2005

       Thank you migennes for your witty and noble sarcasm. I admit the idea is not original, but my implementation, which I detail, is.
joshuacronemeyer, Nov 23 2005

       Now all we need is, a spoon that doesn't collect tiny shards of boiled eggshell that collect when the egg is thwacked and a knife that repels burnt toast crumbs so that they don't get mixed in with the butter creating a toasty whip.
skinflaps, Nov 23 2005

       That kind of "witty and noble sarcasm" is what you get when you post annos late late late at night after a loooooong day following 2 months of more of the same. Sorry to take my tiredness out on everyone else.   

       I actually have what I think is a great idea right now but haven't posted yet because its search terms are kind of fuzzy so I can't search the damn archives.
migennes, Nov 23 2005


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