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For the scrupulous business man
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Oh the poor businessmen, unable to eat cheetos and doritos and good food like that for lunch, for fear of getting orange stains on his fingers and suit!

So package a really cheap pair of rubber gloves in specially marked bags of chips (on the outside) and they can eat with the gloves, thus avoiding the dreaded Cheeto-stain!

DesertFox, Nov 08 2005


       I think a pair of Cheeto/Dorito tongs maybe more dignified, especially for the smart businessman. Although the thought of a suited man eating these wearing a pair of lemon-yellow marigolds made me laugh....   

       The tongs could be as simple as a strip of card, folded in half, with some little pads or card grips on the ends to grip the snacks...They could put them in every pack.
Minimal, Nov 23 2005

       The gloves should be built into the bag, like on an encased chemical hood, so you can open the top of the bag, put your hands in the gloves, grab a dorito, and hand it outside the bag to your waiting mouth.
JesusHChrist, Sep 10 2006


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