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candy and cereal

marshmallows sold separately but at the same time
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This cereal would be along the same lines as the genre that has those hard little marshmallows in it. The only difference would be the marshmallows would be packaged in a separate bag in the larger cereal container. Good for people who like different sweetnesses and people who like to eat the marshmallows separately.
Voice, Feb 12 2012

just the marshmallows http://www.firehous...ama4CFQVahwodQgOpJA
You can already do that [Alterother] [Voice, Feb 12 2012]


       Also good for people with Celiac Disease, who can't eat the cereal with cheap freeze-dried marshmallows, but would like to put them on their gluten-free cereal. [+]
Alterother, Feb 12 2012

Alterother, Feb 12 2012

       Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. Specifically of Calvin's cereal.
Psalm_97, Feb 12 2012

       Right: the one he described as a form of contraception.
mouseposture, Feb 12 2012


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