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Baseball Cap Spectacle Hook

ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses
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1 Put on any pair of glasses - including sunglasses.
2 Put on a baseball cap.
Now try and raise your glasses out of the way, and keep them raised, without holding them there and without taking off the baseball cap.

Now you fully realise, and understand the need for the Baseball Cap Spectacle Hook.

It comes in many colours and is styled to match every type of baseball cap variation. You simply position it under the bill part of the cap, using the easy-peel adhesive patch. It's fully adjustable of course, to suit all needs.

Delux version has a single button remote control to release the hook on demand, allowing the glasses to fall back into place.

Ridiculously luxurious version has a tiny motorised winder to "hands free" raise the glasses into the hooked up position.

xenzag, Jul 01 2010

...might as well include this... http://store.theoni...anizer-gift-box,87/
[normzone, Jul 01 2010]

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       Thank you autoboner(s). Perhaps you would have the courtesy to outline your objections?
xenzag, Jul 01 2010

       I'm staying neutral on this one because you can just put the glasses on top of the bill.
DrWorm, Jul 01 2010

       //I'm staying neutral on this one because you can just put the glasses on top of the bill.// That means taking them off first. With the hook in place, you just raise them, and they stay put.
xenzag, Jul 02 2010

       //And when you go for that hatted kiss you get a hook in your head!// No you don't. The hook is attached to the underside of the bill, so it's completely out of the way of any kissing action. You may have some unknown technique though.
xenzag, Jul 02 2010

       A stupid joke I heard one time practically ruined the word "spectacle" for me, and replaced it with the word "testicle." Does the HB have a psychiatric wing? No matter... Bun! [+] Please, someone get this image out of my head! (think about baseball...think about baseball...think about baseball...)
Grogster, Jul 02 2010

       Nono. I'm a great fan of the glasses-above-the-bill thing. And the glasses on the eyes thing. While solving a problem that doesn't exist often gets a bun, I can't quite see this one.
wagster, Jul 02 2010


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