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Bathroom Door Hand Stamp

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When you turn the handle on the bathroom door to enter, the knob stamps your hand with the letters W.C.. You must then wash your hands to remove the stamp before leaving the bathroom. Otherwise face the shame of others knowing that you didn't wash.
swimswim, Jun 28 2010

Violet_20Visible_20hand_20sanitizer stamp will use violet visible ink, in honor of bungston the prolific [swimswim, Jun 28 2010, last modified Jun 29 2010]


       Maybe a description of the mechanics behind the machine? I'm imagining a door knob that must be turned to a point where the back of your hand presses against a stamping mechanism.
rcarty, Jun 28 2010

       The knob itself contains a stamp that, when turned, marks the palm of your hand. I like your idea of marking the back of the hand, but the mechanism would be a bit more complex.
swimswim, Jun 29 2010

       My shirt has "WC" printed all over it in all colors and sizes, so when I wrap it around my hand before entering the bathroom, no one is the wiser. When I'm not wearing that shirt, I enter behind someone else.   

       Take that, system!
DrWorm, Jun 29 2010

       Your name has been logged and a representative of the system will be visiting with you shortly.
rcarty, Jun 30 2010


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