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Bunk Tub

Lift tub up to make more space in small bathrooms
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The bunk tub would be an elevated bathtub, with access by means of a non-skid ladder or short run of steps. The space under the tub could be used for a sink and or toilet. This would allow a full sized bath to fit in a half sized bathroom.
Krate, Jun 21 2005


       Dangerous yet practical. Perhaps, have the sink/toilet sunk into the floor a bit, too, so your not banging your head on the ceiling.
daseva, Jun 21 2005

       OK water weighs 0.002205pounds per cubic centimetre. By the look of it, a fairly small bathtub would be about 150cm by 70cm with a depth of 48cm. Which would amount to 504000 cubic cm. Which would weigh 1111.32 pounds in total filled with water. Even if the bath was half full it would still be 550 pounds or so without anyone in it. This would take a mighty sturdy support structure to stop it crashing down on the sink or toilet below.   

       [+] for efficiency though.
hidden truths, Jun 21 2005

       o.k. ht but my bath has not fallen through my wooden floor yet <cross fingers>   

       quite like this, *sensible* even though it is.   

       don't you have to divide the weight by the 4 feet it stands on and somehow <do fizzy maths> for the size of those feet.
po, Jun 21 2005


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