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Battery operated Shoe Tapper

Saving music one step at a time
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There comes a time when music is so exciting that folks are compelled to rhymically tap to the music with the feet. When shoes with metal bottom surfaces are worn, the famous tap- dance sound emits to accompany the exciting music, often done while standing and dancing. Some of this sound can be very enjoyable when properly done, but very annoying if the tapping is uncoordinated, a-rhymic or just too strong to overwhelm the underlying music. Thus, the Shoe Tapper, a device attached to the side of each shoe and designed to coordinate the shoe-tapping to music. The Shoe Tapper comprises an audio receiver to measure the rhythm or beat of the music, a small digitally controlled motor to rotate the foot, a digital controller to correctly coordinate the beat and intensity to the motor, and an actuator in radio communication with a control unit positioned in the user’s hand to control the speed of the motor from an off position to a jive or fastest tapping possible. The Shoe Tapper is powered by batteries to last for at least one set of 20 minutes.
el dueno, Jul 09 2021


       I want the version that directly stimulates the muscles.
Voice, Jul 10 2021

       And *I* want the version which directly stimulates a moustache. I haven't decided yet whether I want to be wearing the moustache at the time.
pertinax, Jul 11 2021

       What [Voice] said. Would be reasonably easy to implement.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 11 2021

       (+) My only suggestion would be piezoelectric recharging of the batteries from walking.   

       Bravo! This is the type of idea that makes the halfbakery great again. I'm going to suggest a stand alone version to also be created that works like a metronome and foot taps out a large range of preset beats. Big croissant from me.
xenzag, Jul 12 2021


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