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Door slammers

Shoes that send a chill down the spine
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A pair of shoes with pressure pads built into the soles that are connected to a subwoofer pack strapped to your back concealed to look like a hump.

You follow some unsuspecting sole or trick or treater and at the appropriate moment you flick the switch...as you press down your right foot whilst walking the sound of an eerie creaking of an old oak door opening on rusty hinges is emitted through the subwoofer on your back,as you press down with the left foot an incredibly loud slamming of the door is once again emitted though the hump.

If all is well you will have scared the shit out of the person in front of you, then hit the switch to turn them off.

Walking fast or running would surely speed things up a bit.'Creeeeeeek..SLAM !.'...Creeeeeeeek..SLAM !..

skinflaps, Oct 31 2003


       O Sole Mio..
po, Oct 31 2003

       I'll wait for the match that makes my running shoes sound like the rattling of chains. Mu ha ha ha haaaaaaa...
st3f, Oct 31 2003

       Would you be carrying a car battery to power the woofer? If you were you could chain it to your ankle.
Condiment, Oct 31 2003


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