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Horn Shoe Horn

A horn on your shoe horn
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As you step into your shoe, aided by your lovely specially designed shoe horn, a wisp of air blows out, making the sound of a coronet. It's simply to add some umph into putting on your shoes.
blissmiss, Jun 10 2015

Honk... Shoe_20Horny
[normzone, Jun 10 2015]

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       Rather like good advice - no use to oneself, but great to pass on to others.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 10 2015

       Damn, forgot to search. Cardinal sin. Throw me out of the club...dismember me, toss me into the sacrificial fire pit. Stab me with steely knives. I'm done.
blissmiss, Jun 10 2015

       I don't drink, remember? Alcohol and bliss= trouble. Even Champagne.
blissmiss, Jun 10 2015

       Are other musical instruments allowed? - e.g. Hammond organ shoe horn
hippo, Jun 10 2015

       Certainly, I'm flexible. There could even be a clarinet or an oboe horn sound. I like the sax too. Ohhh yeah.
blissmiss, Jun 10 2015

       What sound does a small crown make?
baconbrain, Jun 11 2015

       Usually a crunch. Depends on how hard you step on him though.
RayfordSteele, Jun 15 2015


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