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follow me kitty

pied piper entourage gear
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Fantasy = you want animals especially many cats to be your entourage on the red carpet or where ever you go. So you purchase these shoes with electronic noise makers in the soles. Noise makers especially engineered to attract the curiosity and prolonged attention of cats thus causing all available kitty cats to follow you wherever you go. These shoes may also be scented to enhance the same effect.

These fabulous shoes will make you a 21st century cat lady or gentleman, whatever. Follow Me Kitty has changed the game, you can not be considered a genuine Cat Lady without these shoes.

I like to think about how cool I would feel if groups of cats just followed me around. I imagine people gawking and the ability to tell them "oh I have had a powerful animal magnetism my whole life so don't worry" in a casual dismissive tone.

There will naturally be a family of shoe products liked Follow Me Viscious Dogs or Follow me Flippers for fish or sharks..

vfrackis, Mar 09 2013


       I'm not sure about some magical noise to attract cats, but laser pointers are known to work well for this purpose. Do cats see the same spectrum we do, or would it be possible to create a laser pointer that creates a spot visible to cats but not humans?
scad mientist, Mar 10 2013

       for cats - a kipper in your heels...
po, Mar 10 2013

       I think you could amalgamate some of your products. For example, a dual-purpose Follow Me Vicious Dogs and Follow Me Kitty shoe would ensure that you never wanted for entertainment. Likewise, Follow Me Kitty and Follow Me Sharks would be interesting.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 10 2013

       Add small liquid dispensers in the heels to leave a trail of concentrated catnip oil. Not only will you attract a greater number of cats than with squeaky noises and laser dots combined (though by all means retain those features) but cats will linger about your trail for days after you've passed by.
Alterother, Mar 10 2013

       It's a cute idea. Follow Me Birds would require head protection from bird poop. (Although I would love a million birds to follow me around!)
xandram, Mar 11 2013

       ^ that's an easy one: a stroll by the seashore with a box of french-fries.
FlyingToaster, Mar 11 2013

       That's too easy [FT]- I want them to follow me to work, (like Mary had a little lamb) and various other places.
xandram, Mar 11 2013


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