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Techno Shoes

Shoes that make sounds in various techno beats, sort of like a portable dance dance revolution game.
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I didn't think of this idea, but was offered it to do with as I will.

The shoes have four different sounds, one for each toe and each heel of both feet. When you step down on the area, the techno beat plays. So you might have a duff sound from the right heel, and a tinny ding from the left toe area.

These shoes are for kids i suppose, probably Asian teenagers. It would take a lot of skill to make the shoes play a good beat, and you could tap out a solo breakdown or something. Then you could add some lame choreographed arm movements a la every Korean nightclub dancer in Korea.

Added features might include lights at each pressure area so as to impress the ladies at night. Or matching pairs with complimentary sounds. Maybe for couples, the guy having the heavy beats, and the gal with some whistles or some other high annoying techno sound. Another feature could be a cycling playlist of different sounds, possibly linked to a palm pilot or something.

This device is intended to remove all those lame dancing machines from video game parlours, so they can put Streetfighter back in, or those excellent shooting games with separate screens. Those dance machines take up all the space. And an added feature would be non-Asians being allowed to experience the choreographed dancing phenomenon. I don't know about you, but I can never get near the damn things.

phauna, Jun 26 2003

Tap-tronics http://www.usc.edu/.../dance/p2_lacd.html
"using Tap-Tronics(tm), an interactive electronic system he invented, which allows Desio to play musical instruments through his taps." [half, Oct 04 2004]

Jessica Thompson: Freestyle SoundKit http://confluxfesti...s.php?projectid=252
Contains "body-mounted sensors, an amplifier, a speaker and a sound chip". [jutta, Sep 22 2006]


       Alas, the Strut-Master has left the building
phoenix, Jun 26 2003

       "And in other news, tap-dancing has slowly taken the place of rap among the ultra-hip of today's urban youth..."
RayfordSteele, Jun 26 2003

       I'd quite like these if I could download my own preferred sounds into the heels and toes. "Heel Toe Heel Toe Step Two Three Four." Ceilidh dancing advantages aside, I can see such an option being abused my tech-savvy teens. Still, croissant because techno is excellent walking music.
my face your, Jun 26 2003

       Very cool.
Japanese_Coffee, Jun 26 2003

       You would want to be able to download new sounds, so as not to become stale or lame. I would just like my shoes to make a sound as if I were walking thru a mix of fritos and broken glass. Or maybe monstrous Jurassic Park __thumps__.
bungston, Jun 26 2003

       Excellent idea!! Love it. Un cuernito para tí!
Pericles, Jun 26 2003


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