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FX Boots

Boots with sound effects!
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Angry and you want to tell the world that you are by stamping around really loud?

Now you can!

FX boots lets you pick various sound effects such as loud stamping, to walking on metal sounds or tap-dancing effects as you walk around.

Great for really annoying people.

mrkillboy, Jul 08 2000

sound effects as performance art http://www.halfbake...20performance_20art
More general version, I think... [egnor, Jul 08 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       As an extension add microphones, some processing and have the speakers play out anti-noise. Voila: whisper quiet footsteps even on noisy surfaces such as gravel.
Skinny Rob, Jul 21 2000

       Perhaps they could give you a Bronx cheer with their tongues.
mrthingy, Jun 11 2003


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