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interactive targets
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after reading about the floating toilet targets, I figured something more re-useable might be a good idea. Perhaps ships (planes, people you don't like, etc) mounted on stain-proof plastic rods which retract into the area below the tank, reacting when pressure is applied. In the not-too-distant future, holograms!
spacer, May 11 2005


       Help me Obi Wan Kenoblub blub blu   

       Whack-a-mole toilets?
hidden truths, May 11 2005

       Lilliputian balconies...
Adze, May 11 2005

       pissed-off Liliputians! oooh.
spacer, May 11 2005

       Wasn't this from "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle"?
Mr Burns, May 11 2005

       Probably inspired by, but obviously different.
shapu, May 11 2005


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