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Aquarium Toilet

To display fish.
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Okay, this idea is pretty much a mix between pevins’ “Fishtank urinal” idea, and Snarfyguy’s “Glass Toilet” idea. Basically it’s a completely glass toilet (or Pyrex or whatever materials’ stronger), with an inner layer of the material and an outer layer, between the two layers will be a space filled with water, wide enough for some small fish to swim around in. This space for the fish will continue up and wrap around the front of the toilets’ water tank to have more area to display the fish and for them to swim around in. It will have all the fish stuff like a water filter, etc. and there will be an access lid on the top so you can feed the fish and such.

(I feel sorry for the fish though that have to look all the time at your bowels and organic waste.)

Oh yeah, It will also have an acrylic toilet seat.

BJS, Jun 23 2006

"Fishtank Urinal." urinals
by pevins [BJS, Jun 24 2006]

Glass Toilet by snarfyguy [BJS, Jun 24 2006]

Aquariass http://www.elseware...com/products/aq.htm
"Add a little life to your bathroom with this live aquarium. The fully functioning tank fits American Standard bowls. Custom bowl installation is available." [BJS, Jun 24 2006]


       why? well...why not.
sninctown, Jun 23 2006

       Because it's sick and cruel, obviously!
And the fish probably won't care for it, either.
nihilo, Jun 27 2006

       your probably right...
BJS, Jun 27 2006

       Apparently the inventor of the first flushable toilet drew fish in the overhead tank.   

       So the idea was there from the begining - we just forgot it ! (maybe people couldn't be bothered to feed their fish and they all died and blocked up the toilet?)   

       I saw it on some program "What did the Tudors do for us?" (or was it the Romans ? The Victorians ? I can't remember now, but it was of those Adam Hart-Davies programs.)   

       Have a bun anyway.
monojohnny, Jun 27 2006


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