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Baudrillard-themed disposables

Death of the author? RIGHT!
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Jean Baudrillard is a friend of a friend. However, he's also the worst thing that's happened to the planet since Chicxulub. Rather than going out and shooting him, i would prefer to defile his work entertainingly. Therefore, i would like to see easily flammable, disposable editions of his work which can be piled high in some public place, or possibly my fireplace, and burnt. There should also be toilet rolls printed with his essay 'The Gulf War Did Not Take Place' which i could avoid using in the bathroom because it's too dirty for that.
Why is this not a rant? Because this can be adapted. There are people out there who feel impotent rage which eventually spills over into stalking and assassination attempts. Instead of this, there could be a printer designed to reproduce one's hate figure or their literary work on tissue paper which one could then place in one's toilet and avoid using as an alternative to gunning the bastard down in cold blood.
nineteenthly, Nov 13 2008

Custom toilet paper http://www.printedtp.com/
This might help [Mony a Mickle, Nov 13 2008]

Toilet target http://www.pottytra...Toilet-Targets.html
Gigge to yourself at the same time [Mony a Mickle, Nov 13 2008]

Jean Baudrillard http://plato.stanfo...ntries/baudrillard/
A friend of a friend. [Amos Kito, Nov 13 2008]

Chicxulub http://www.scienced...01/070118094039.htm
A pit of despair. [Amos Kito, Nov 13 2008]


       You could also cut out a picture of them and stick it on to a piece of polystyrene to use as target practice in the toilet ala [link]. You could always jump up and down on his grave
Mony a Mickle, Nov 13 2008

       I have to say that the fact that he's dead has probably stopped me from dying in a French prison. However, i could always desecrate his grave.
nineteenthly, Nov 13 2008

       Yeah, do that. It'll make you feel better
Mony a Mickle, Nov 13 2008

       While I agree with you about Baudrillard, this is still a [marked-for-deletion] rant, in that printed toilet paper (and voodoo dolls, and burning effigies, etc.) are already baked (or, as it might be, burned).
pertinax, Nov 13 2008

       If you just snapped his books in half instead of burning them, you could have called this idea "Baudrillard of broken memes"
hippo, Nov 13 2008

       Printed toilet paper is indeed baked, but this is the category, so by that token, all of these ideas would be baked too. Customised printed toilet paper that is not to be used is not baked.
He's not on Find A Grave. Actually, that gives me an idea.
[Hippo], you funny.
nineteenthly, Nov 13 2008

       //Customised printed toilet paper that is not to be used is not baked//   

       Customised printed toilet paper is baked whether you use it or not.   

       If your argument stands that would apply to everything on the condition it isn't used
Mony a Mickle, Nov 13 2008

       OK, so what about a widely available printer which works on toilet paper?
Anyway, looking at this category, how is this any more baked than the rest of the ideas? One can print a picture of Clinton on a bogroll. Crap poetry can be printed on a bogroll. Pictures of celebrities can be printed on a bogroll. Numbers can be printed on a bogroll. You see where i'm going with this.
I wouldn't even eat the mushrooms.
nineteenthly, Nov 13 2008

       "If you just snapped his books in half instead of burning them, you could have called this idea 'Baudrillard of broken memes'"
{Lays down punce cap at the foot of the master. Vows never to pun again.}
phoenix, Nov 14 2008


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