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Numbered Toilet Paper Sheets

Keep track of how many sheets you use on a daily basis.
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Have you ever gone to the bathroom only to find yourself in the dilema of trying to determine if there is enough paper on the roll for this trip or if you should go get another roll from the closet? Well thanks to this new invention, you can see how many sheets are left on the roll!

The roll starts out with the number 1000 or 280 or however many sheets are on that roll. As you use it you have a specific indication of how much paper is left. Its also a good method for tracking the usage of other family members. This would really be convienient if you know that you need about 20 sheets in order to "take care of business" and the roll indicates that there is 25 left.

Jscotty, Jul 27 2006

Only ten left http://i4.photobuck...rizla_10_left_c.jpg
[skinflaps, Jul 28 2006]

Only five left http://www.cduniver...ive+Leaves+Left.htm
[angel, Jul 28 2006]


       Crap idea!   

Dub, Jul 27 2006

       Can't help thinking you're being a bit anal about this.
DrCurry, Jul 27 2006

       Just use a packet of king size Rizla papers, they always let you know when there're only ten left.
skinflaps, Jul 28 2006

       Perfect for the anal person.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 28 2006

       It mostly ends up numbered two...
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 28 2006

       A display station in the wall could show a bar graph of how much you use every week. The toilet could sense each member of the family by weight/height and present a personalized graphic display.
phundug, Jul 28 2006

       I thought you said the display was in the station...
po, Jul 28 2006

       Jscotty, I'm going to borrow your idea, hope you don't mind
Dub, Jul 29 2006

       This may be useful for obsessive-compulsives, who can comfort themselves by leaving the roll on an even multiple of 100. Instead of those "traditional" rolls where you don't know exactly how many are left and something somewhere in the bathroom is making you anxious and you don't know why.
phundug, Jul 30 2006


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