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Bill Clinton Toilet Paper

Features the mug of the biggest asswipe of them all.
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Bill Clinton Brand Toilet Paper.
Featuring a head shot of the ex-president/gigalo on each two-ply sheet. Extra smooth, slick texture to take care of any sticky situation that might arise.
What could be more fun than using Clinton's mug to wipe your bum? He's already dragged the whole country through sh#t, so now it's his turn.
Fully biodegradable...he's so degrading anyway, it just seemed natural.
rcornell, Mar 10 2001


       Such toilet paper should probably be sold with two brands - one with Republican presidents and the other with Democrat presidents.
Aristotle, Mar 10 2001

       Why stop at Clinton? Can you name one US President in the last 40 years who was any less deserving of the honour?

Just don't use pictures of them with their tongues out.
sirrobin, Mar 10 2001

       Baked (although probably no longer available). Platypus Marketing, Ridgewood N.J., marketed "Wipe Out Clinton" toilet paper in 1996. (They also have other kinds of custom printed toilet paper.)   

       Lest you think contempt of Bill Clinton is the only emotion inspiring this kind of demonstrativeness, other kinds of political toilet papers have featured Jesse Helms and the Starr Report.
jutta, Mar 10 2001

       Somebody's thinkin' inside their little box. I'm neither Republican nor Democrat, but I know Clinton is deserving of this product.
Just to prove I'm an equal opportunity basher, Richard Nixon needs some sort of gag gift of his own too. The Watergate Waterpick? Only problem is, it wouldn't sell so well seeing as he's no longer a daily news item.
G.W. would be fodder for a product, but he hasn't done anything deserving of it since he's become president. We'll just wait and see if the George W. Chia-Bush is necessary or not.
rcornell, Mar 10 2001

       rcornell - I have to agree, Nixon came to mind with me as well but that was for an American to raise. However the sins of past political figures tend to be conveniently forgotten in these times of substained media and political attacks.
Aristotle, Mar 11 2001

       If you're going to include Nixon you really should include the guy who pardoned him. Bush, Reagan, Johnson, Kennedy, Truman are all pretty obviously deserving. I doubt there were any who don't deserve a little shit.

Why not just do a "Presidents of the USA" toilet paper roll. Start at square one with Washington and continue on through to Bush II, repeat as necessary.
sirrobin, Mar 11 2001

       On a similar line, how about a 'Monarchs of the UK' loo roll? One would obviously have to skip out HM The Queen, to avoid treason, but just think, in a few years time, you could use Charlie Boy to clean your rear. Or the DofE. What about Fergie?
rjswanson, Apr 07 2001

       Why not just do what I imagine you already do: use the newspaper. If you like you can save the sections of the paper with pictures of Pres. Clinton. Myself, I prefer to follow our *president's/ errr president select's lead and use the American Flag.
Op, Apr 11 2001

       It's not that I dislike clinton, it's that I favor celebrity toilet paper. Croissant. Wash your hands first, please.
polartomato, Aug 13 2002

       [rcornell] any change of mind on Dubya's deserving of feces smeared on his face?
cocktaillouie, Apr 01 2004

       Hmmm... Women might just buy all of this TP whenever it came in. After all they use it mostly on another location.... Just a thought.
brekkon, Apr 01 2004

       + if you change Clinton to Bush... or does he use a dip-stick to clean his arse ??
xenzag, Jul 04 2006


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