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tissue of lies

recycling newspaper
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years before I was even a "twinkle" as they say, my grandparents used newspaper cut up as loo paper. we've moved on since then - I propose that we print our news on soft tissue that we can recycle into paper hankies (possibly the red tops) and the larger newspapers would be good in the loo - best place for them!
po, Oct 31 2001

DJ Spyhunter: rsstroom reader http://www.djspyhun...restroom-761230.jpg
(Concept, product not actually available.) Using not mainstream journalism but blogs, printing directly on tissue paper. [jutta, Dec 11 2005]


       Baked in bird cages and for house training.   

       Plus, I'm not sure how well tissue paper would move through a newspaper printing press.
phoenix, Oct 31 2001

       Interestingly, silage recycling programs tend to require the addition of newspaper to the mix to make the process work properly.
DrBob, Oct 31 2001

       *ACHOO* Large river-flow restrictor and reservoir creator! Ink all over my nose!
DesertFox, Dec 11 2005

       [Df]Bless you
Dub, Dec 20 2005


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