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Log Ends Toilet Paper

print cut log ends on toilet paper to increase awareness
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The illustration explains the idea (which I have copy protected)
xenzag, Oct 18 2022

Log Ends Toilet Paper https://www.tumblr....its-an?source=share
as you use up the paper, the precious log gets smaller [xenzag, Oct 18 2022]

An alternative to "precious" logs https://www.redmeat...Content?oid=3400093
[a1, Oct 18 2022]

"these come from trees" stickers https://www.thesecomefromtrees.com/
"Did you know that this little sticker can save up to 100 lbs. of paper every year? " [aniola, Oct 25 2022]

The Issue with Tissue: How the U.S. Is Flushing Forests Away https://www.nrdc.or...ushing-forests-away
Includes a sustainability scorecard [a1, Oct 25 2022]

It seems to be getting a lot better https://www.nytimes...per.1.20453524.html
25-50% of the pulp used is coming from tree farms. [21 Quest, Oct 25 2022]

IZAL https://wellcomecol...es/XOsAeBEAAEMRUqpd
[a1, Oct 25 2022]


       My logs tend to be about the same size no matter how much of the roll has been used.
pocmloc, Oct 18 2022

       Your copy protection has me stumped.   

       ^ I see what you did there.
a1, Oct 18 2022

       I like the picture.
aniola, Oct 25 2022

       Is there any way to find out where brands source their trees from? We have a bunch of tree farms here in Washington, and I wonder how many toilet paper brands use farmed trees.
21 Quest, Oct 25 2022

       // I wonder how many toilet paper brands use farmed trees. //   

       The linked article includes sustainability scorecard of different TP brands. It doesn’t answer your question directly but mentions wood pulp sources, recycled content, and other environmental factors. A lot of it does come from forests.   

       If you don't like any of those, I might still have some IZAL in the storeroom.
a1, Oct 25 2022


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