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The Crap Poetry Awards

The dubious honour of having your work in print
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The thing that many bad poets wish for is public recognition. I say give it to them in the form of The Crap Poetry Awards (hey, they have the bad writing awards which loads of people enter for, so why not poetry?).

The top 100 or so get their works 'published' - on commercially-sold toilet paper.

froglet, Nov 05 2005

Worst Poetry (Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings) http://www.pictographics.com/poetry.html
Oddly," Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings" of Greenbridge, Essex, England crops up in other un HHGTTG-related websites (at least not directly related). [Dub, Nov 05 2005]

Mental Relaxorium's worst poetry http://www.relaxorium.com/poetry.html
[jutta, Nov 05 2005]

poemranker.com's worst poetry http://www.poemrank.../poem-bottomten.jsp
[jutta, Nov 05 2005]

Bill Bissett sample http://www.youngpoe...story/history15.php
(Scroll down about halfway.) [Cuit_au_Four, Nov 05 2005]

The Tay Bridge Disaster http://www.taynet.c.../mcgon/disaster.htm
By William Topaz McGonagall, long celebrated as Scotland's worst poet. [wagster, Nov 06 2005]


       Here, could you autograph this "To Molly" (Hands over pen and pair of marigold gloves)
Dub, Nov 05 2005

       my contribution to the book:   

       The princess grimaced, but proceeded
To kiss the froglet on the lips
She put him down, and hands on hips
She waited, but hope soon receeded
Despite the kiss she had bestowed
The tadpole turned into a toad
theircompetitor, Nov 05 2005

       Or 'published' in the buses of the Greater Vancouver Transit system.   

       I'm referring to Bill Bissett, who had a poem published and displayed on the inside of one of the buses as a part of the transit system's "Poetry in Transit," series, which celebrates work from BC authors. The link takes you to a couple of his works.   

       Yeah... my tax dollars are paying for that.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 05 2005

       oh, I submitted to one of those. But since I commute by car, they wouldn't take it.
theircompetitor, Nov 06 2005

       In London we have "Poems on the Underground" and "Poems on the Buses", and they're very good. Although they tend to be by poets who are universally considered very good poets.
wagster, Nov 06 2005

       My contribution   

       There was a young fellow from Hyde
Who fell down a sewer and died
Alas, his poor brother
Fell down another
Now there enterred side by side
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 07 2005


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