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Bi-Lobal Omni-Bus

B.L.O.B. Transit
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Here I was, sitting at the stop waiting for the bus again. But instead of my normal metal smoker, a gigantic gooey mass came oozing down the street. It didn't stop for me, rather it just ran me over and assimilated me as well as the other passengers. After the initial shock, I realized I was being slowly digested. Luckily I only travel across the river and a few stops further. At this point I pulled the integrated rip-cord (have to search for them, you do). A puff of liquid nitrogen at the front lobe stopped the blob long enough for me to swim my way out and back into fresh air.

Only then do I realize that my shoes have gone missing.

bdag, Oct 03 2009

Spoiler alert! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051418/
Explanation of pop culture [bdag, Oct 03 2009]


       Yeah, I have to agree with 21Quest bdag.
[marked-for-deletion] magic blob bus.

       what's the bi-lobal bit ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 03 2009

       The blob would quickly fill up with trash, dust, and cats.
DrWorm, Oct 03 2009

       Great idea, beautifull science fiction image.+
zeno, Oct 03 2009

       For the single bone-r and those slightly confused, please see the link. For the rest of you, thanks for understanding the pop culture reference.
bdag, Oct 03 2009

       Every day I get in the queue   

       (too much! magic bus!)   

       Then lose my shoe to a blob of goo   

       (big fuss! magic bus!)   

       I'm so nervous I just float and stare   

       (new truss! magic bus)   

       I think it's going to eat my hair   

       (too much! magic bus!)
bungston, Oct 03 2009

       Bun just for the image.
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2009


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