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Bicycle Pillowfighting

"Biff 'em, Danno!"
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I never heard the rider who hit me. She had ridden up behind me, silent as a mime and WHAM! in the back of the head with a pillow that felt like a lead cosh. I sprawled in an ungainly heap in the dirt, feeling foolish. It had seemed like an easy assignment... report on the sport of PedalPillow, or pillowfighting on bicycles.

These guys were experts and angling for it to be officially included as a demonstration sport at the 2016 Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro.

Singles, Doubles and 4-hand Team matches are played, on a circular arena 50, 75 or 100 metres across. Pillows must conform to IPP standards, weighing no more than a kilogram (2.2 lb) and no blow may be struck with any part of the body or cycle.

Apart from that it's a free-for-all, with a player losing a game after being "Downed", or knocked from their mount five times, with the winner to be two "Downs" ahead to win the game. First to five games won the set; best of three sets. Blindfolds all around if a tie-breaker proves necessary (first "Down" wins); No tie-breaker in the final set.

UnaBubba, Jan 31 2014

In a somewhat related theme... https://www.google....q=unicycle+jousting
This sport (not so much involving ordinary pillows) has been around for a number of years. [Vernon, Jan 31 2014]

Pillow-Bash-Boing just add sound effects [xenzag, Jan 31 2014]

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       [+] unicycles... or bicycles-built-for-two for couples.
FlyingToaster, Jan 31 2014

       Unicycles would be hard.
UnaBubba, Jan 31 2014

       I'm in.
I don't mean to brag or anything... but I 'was' the Iberostar resort surfboard-standing wet-pillow fight champion at one time.
True story.

       I believe you. I think, though, that there would need to be regulations regarding such things as above and below the waist from in front and behind, etcetera,such as in American football.   

       This could just be a result of my upbringing, however.
normzone, Jan 31 2014

       Just let me oil up the chain on my recumbent bike and I'll mop the floor with those d*mned Russkies!   

       What the??? Oh, crap!! I'm going to need a longer pillow...
Canuck, Jan 31 2014

       It's pretty hard to knock someone off a bike.   

       Maybe points should be awarded every time you force the opponent to touch the ground with their feet? Otherwise I agree with unicycles.
erenjay, Feb 02 2014

       I agree with unicycles for a number of reasons. 1. No handlebars allowing 360 degree swing. 2. Lower maximum velocity means safer 3. Unicycles come in a variety of heights. Which seems relevant.
bungston, Feb 02 2014

       + this is great!   

       if there is ever an international Halfbakery conference/jamboree we should all be required to play.   

       i would have stars printed on my pillow case
vfrackis, Feb 02 2014

       I will have training wheels on my unicycle.
FlyingToaster, Feb 02 2014

       I wonder if you got a heavy feather pillow spinning in each hand if it would stabilize you. And if you whacked someone with one, would the other one spin faster?
bungston, Feb 02 2014


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