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consumer-level software for designing vertebrate forms
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Assuming Tails For All represents the first step on a slippery slope toward an era of phenotypic freedom induced by either nanotechnology, genetic magic, or plastic surgery. (Most likely including plastic surgery and vat-grown tissue, at first) BioCAD would be a piece of software with a drool-proof interface (and a pro-mode that can be enabled in preferences) that'd allow people without a medical degree to design a new form based around one (or more) extant vertebrate species, or of a large selection of mythicals.

This idea refers specifically to the software allowing laypeople to design their own new forms, as opposed to hiring professional bio-artists or doctors to do it for them.

Chrontius, Apr 10 2005

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       "Damn you, Bill Gates!! My entire left leg has gone italic for no apparent reason!!
Basepair, Apr 10 2005

       No invertebrates!?
That's just plain prejudiced.

       You're ahead of your time, Chrontius.
whippinggas, Apr 10 2005

       Are humans exempt? Cause, I'd like to make a wife. So would many others. The world will be full of supermodels two days after this tech gets out. I'm not even going to go into what the fetishists are going to build with this thing. Use your imagination ^__^
lowbot, Apr 10 2005

       Hmm. Where's my copy of "Dirty Jokes and Beer"? there's a whole chapter there devoted to 'big dick' jokes and it seems like they'd come in handy about now.
Chrontius, Apr 10 2005

       You are referring to BioCAD but what about the earlier software that was all the rage with teens and terrorists? I am of course referring to ViroCAD. The virus creation software now with downloadable genome snippets. Want the add glow in the dark jellyfish protein to your dogs genetic makeup, make you friends age accelerate, all coworkers stupider than you, or create your own Pikachu from that cute squirrel outside…
Widgit, Apr 10 2005


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