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Body windows

Replace certain skin with translucent material
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Imaging the glory of being able to look right into the inner workings of your (or your friends) body!

I think replacing the cheek with a window would be the place to start. Then other people could admire how straight and white ALL your teeth are ... or even better ... if you colored your teeth a lovely irridescent purple...

Once the skill level and materials were in place. I suppose a nifty belly window (maybe we could call it a "bedow"?) would be doable. Maybe a throat window next...

burl, Sep 26 2003

Halfbakery: "Cosmetic tooth coloring" http://www.halfbake..._20tooth_20coloring
[URL moved from idea to here] [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

(???) Fistulated Cows at UC Davis http://www.geocitie...ion/2867/index.html
[URL moved from idea to here] [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

body mod accesories http://www.thechain...com/plugs/plugs.htm
they sell 3/4" clear lucite "plugs" with o-rings to hold the implant in place. [footzilla, Oct 04 2004]

baked http://www.bmezine....igh/iam00023008.jpg
here is one in action... [footzilla, Oct 04 2004]


       "Way ahead?" Hmmm. Not so sure.
bristolz, Sep 26 2003

       the ultimate pregency test/sex toy/baby gender test/....   

       stop me now, please!
dickity, Sep 26 2003

       What, before you even get to prostate cancer?
Worldgineer, Sep 26 2003

       <your mother>   

       Don't chew your food with your cheeks transparent!   

       </your mother>
Cedar Park, Sep 27 2003

       I have seen REAL body windows! Well, actually portholes. At the University of Maryland, back in the 70's, they had cows (yes, live) walking around the dairy that had big portholes in their sides that were corked shut. You could pop out a cork and WATCH THE STOMACH (I forget which one of three it was, but the grass smelled good still) DIGESTING IT'S FOOD while the cow was eating it! It was great. Loved it so much as a little kid. There are articles about it on the 'net, I remember seeing a few years ago.   

       Very very neat. VERY bizarre. And the cow didn't give a damn either way.
eMacJamz, Apr 08 2004

       Preheated as a fashion trend in John Varley's off-world cultures. Read Ophiuci Hotline and Steel Beach.   

       Read, read, read, I can't stress it enough.
normzone, Apr 08 2004

       How about replacing your skull with it? That way everyone behind you at the movie theater can have a clear view as there would be no obstructions.
aka76, Jun 17 2004


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