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Clangs !

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These are automatic super emotive over-sized articulated robotic breasts.

Anyone can wear them. the batteries are stored inside each breast.

They exhibit random movements when you least expect, sometimes rotation, sometimes pointing away from one another, sometimes shape shifting into a misshapen uni- breast.

A heart monitor sensor controls their glowing intensity. the faster your heart beats the brighter they glow perfect for running at night.

An accelerometer detects motion and controls the color change the faster you move the more color change you get. Perfect for dance parties.

When they knock together they make a clanging noise like two empty propane tanks banging together.

vfrackis, Feb 21 2014

Gainax bounce http://tvtropes.org....php/Main/Gainaxing
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 21 2014]


       Ho hum...
not_morrison_rm, Feb 21 2014

       I'll take two sets.
pocmloc, Feb 21 2014

       Intriguing idea, [vfrackis]...   

       I would like to see an American football game where every player on the field is outfitted with a set of these.   


       A Demolition Derby where each of the 20 or so combatants are simply running into each other whilst wearing these, instead of the more traditional driving jalopies.   


       Two ladies mud wrestling, so equipped.   

       Bun! [+]
Grogster, Feb 21 2014

       I want to say thanks for the positive response. I was nervous posting this one.   

       I like the football, mud wrestling and demolition derby ideas come to think of it this could enhance any sporting activity especially golf.
vfrackis, Feb 21 2014

       // I want to say thanks for the positive response.   


       But anyway, back in the 1990's the Kevin the Hamster cartoon (kind of Viz-ish) whereby he talks his girlfriend into getting huge implants, in fact so big she keeps falling over forwards. One quick trip to the surgeon and a fix, he's put two more implants on her back, to even out the weight.....does this sound at all familiar to you?   

       //sometimes rotation, sometimes pointing away from one another,   

       That one is common anime fare in some of the more obviously teen boy animated stuff in Japan.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 21 2014

       so what exactly are you saying NMRM? are you suggesting that this exists or that I stole the idea. If so that's not too cool.   

       are you asking me to go through all 185 of your ideas again and correlate them to things that are slightly related to things that I have seen?   

       no offense but Online dating with a TruthOmeter wasn't even an idea more just a commentary. I recall feeling sad that I wasted time reading it. I thought you would specify government software based lie detection systems for use on a dating sites so that you could measure mate candidates based on how much they lie, that would have been great. But you didn't I would go a step further and suggest that the trouble that you may be having with the dating seen is rooted in your negative tone.   

       i have never seen those cartoons, they did not inspire this idea.   

       I believe that this idea has valid unique substance   

       also I absolutely loved Graph Paper Porno
vfrackis, Feb 21 2014

       // i have never seen those cartoons, they did not inspire this idea.   

       Possibly a thousand people saw those cartoons, so 4.whatever billion people didn't see them.   

       //sometimes rotation, sometimes pointing away from one another, I refer you to 'Gainax bounce' linky best avoided if you wish to keep your sanity.   

       As for the merits of this idea, 4+ and 1 minus (not mine) so it's a halfbakery win.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 21 2014

       // I refer you to 'Gainax bounce' linky best avoided if you wish to keep your sanity. //   

       The sanity warning on that is presumably because he's linking to TV-tropes, rather than the page content itself. Well, I assume. But be warned - go there and you may never get out again. Search the internet (but carefully, gentle reader) and you will find tales of wizened corpses discovered in front of glowing screens, 20 tabs still open on the browser.
Loris, Feb 22 2014

       I think a little of this idea would go a long way; it would be most effective, not as part of a surreal extravaganza but is something that sneaked gradually into an apparently normal - even serious - narrative. When the audience didn't know whether to snigger, squirm or hide behind the furniture, you'd know you'd hit the spot.
pertinax, Feb 23 2014

       The Gainax Bounce isn't the only appearance of this odd preoccupation in animation--according to one of the animators responsible for her creation (a hand I'll shake if ever I've the chance), Jessica Rabbit's boobs were animated to bounce "opposite to the way she moves in comparison to a real woman's bosom."
Alterother, Feb 25 2014

       Sounds like something to rent, not buy.
popbottle, Feb 25 2014

       Ho hum, however did I come to live in the world epicenter of perv?   

       Just lucky, I suppose.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 25 2014


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