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Butt Nipples

to mammilla-maximize the glutei
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Teated tits give added interest to gals, dummies and even well-trained guys. With nipples on your buns, you’ll earn longing gazes coming *and* going. Our adhesive-backed nipples sit snug and pretty on any cheek or underwear, and our line of nippled underpants combines comfort, loveliness and built-in perkiness for posterior enhancement.

Our product has a realistic resilience to stand up to tight pants while still giving a soft seat. Enjoy your second cleavage while asking a friend “Does my bum look cold in these?”

FarmerJohn, Jul 05 2004

(?) Audio of [FarmerJohn] discussing this idea: http://www.kunarion...ito/Files/dream.mp3
Or maybe it's from the "Ren and Stimpy Show". Whatever. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Jul 16 2005]

Pilonidal cyst http://tinyurl.com/2lbwd
This kinda looks like a butt nipple (not for the squeamish) [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) butt nipples http://www.nowpubli...os_on_someones_ass1
nipples, on butt [nihilo, Feb 10 2007]

Stumbled across it again. http://jubal.westne...pple_surgery_2.html
Three years to re-find it. Still maybe way too soon. [lurch, May 03 2007]


       // “Does my bum look cold in these?” // tsk! Love it.
jonthegeologist, Jul 05 2004

       "Ewww... look at the (zits / warts) on that guy's ass..."
RayfordSteele, Jul 05 2004

       You write this as if you are already marketing them. I really hope you are - just what the world needs!
wagster, Jul 05 2004

       I think they're usually called boils. You should see your nurse about them.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2004

       Tassled, for use with the thong.
dpsyplc, Jul 05 2004

       To postpone the inevitable effects of gravity one might wear a buttsier.   

       Useful for doggy-style.
Eugene, Jul 06 2004

       that is just disgusting
whatastrangeperson, Jul 07 2004

       but do they give milk?
etherman, Jul 07 2004

       I just can't think of these as anything sexy. I think it's disgusting.
Pericles, Jul 07 2004

       Actually, I can think of several things that are more disgusting, many of which have been covered on this site.
egbert, Jul 07 2004

       You may be acquainted with the theory that prominent breasts have evolved in the upright human to be a similar sexual signal as the buttocks. This is just an attempt to turn the tables in jest. Old saying around here: Smaken är som baken – delad. (Taste is like the ass – divided.)
FarmerJohn, Jul 07 2004

       Should be a tagline.   

       I've actually seen a website by a plastic surgeon who specialized in these. Forgive me, I'm not going googling for it while I'm at work.
lurch, Jul 08 2004

po, Jul 08 2004

       i think this has been done in a french foreign film already....it did include a talking johnson........but i digress.
compatta, May 28 2006

       >>but do they give milk?<< ....... this would put a whole new spin on moms feeding their kids in the mall.
epicproblem, May 29 2006

       Butt Nipples was one of the central themes to Bruce ("Withnail and I") Robison's wonderful "The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman".
zen_tom, May 03 2007

       I thought Butt Nipples was a country n western singer?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2007

       Somewhere, not long enough ago, I read a novel that included a non-surgical reference to this idea. The guy with the breast fixation got the woman he'd been pursuing into bed, and found she'd been putting up a false front. So he took fake eyelashes, some lipstick and eyebrow pencil, and put nipples on her butt and a face on her back.   

       Back tattoos, maybe?
baconbrain, May 03 2007


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