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Bio Darts

Now hold real still, this won't hurt a bit
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Bob has to go to the allergy Doc again for his shot. He’s bored with the routine; Doc Brown is bored with all day giving shots to his allergy patients.

Introducing bio-darts, a fun delivery system for your routine injections.

Bob slaps the tissue target board on his bare butt, or bicep if you prefer, makes a wager with Doc Brown that he can’t hit the bullseye.

Doc aims and flings the dart (as with any dart), but this dart has a superfine tip, sinks into the muscle. Doc just misses the bullseye. Yay, Bob wins!

Body heat softens the beeswax plug in the needle and releases the drug into the muscle. Bob gets his fix, and collects his bet from the Doc. Doc gets his usual fee and everyone has had a little fun today.

dentworth, Feb 18 2005


       //Doc just misses the bullseye. Yea, Bob wins!//

But you've got to finish on a double.
hippo, Feb 18 2005

       docs would have to certify or something....can you imagine:   

       <panic> IT'S IN MY SPINE!! ARGGHHH!! GET IT OUT!!!! GET IT OUT!!! </panic>
Sabriand, Feb 18 2005

       Yeah. I'm not much for doctors or dentists.
DesertFox, Feb 18 2005

       doc has had plenty of practice at the local pub. he rarely misses.
dentworth, Feb 18 2005

       [dentworth] that's the biggest ringworm I've ever seen....and is that John Merrick? (+) This is the way to do kids - get 'em from across the room before they see you moving toward them with a needle.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 18 2005

       How does this differ from a tranquilizer dart?
Shz, Feb 18 2005

       not much....and marksmanship would add that extreme edge...
Sabriand, Feb 18 2005

       [+] for not mentioning sphericons or pirates.
wagster, Feb 18 2005

       Heh, I was waiting for that quip.
skinflaps, Feb 18 2005

       I only slightly improved the illustration. thanks [cons] and [brau] for the critique : )
dentworth, Feb 20 2005


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