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Needle Duck

No, I said "Duck".
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Some children are terrified of getting their shots. For these kids, a sterile, disposable mask goes over the syringe, to hide it from view. The nurse tells a cute story about the "kissing teddy bear" (or duckie, or whatever animal mask was selected). By the time the story's over, the "kiss" is finished, with no tears. And we all lived happily ever after.

BTW, If you're the kind of nurse that likes to hit bone when giving shots, the cute part ain't gonna do any good.

Amos Kito, Sep 30 2002

Children with Diabetes http://www.children...es.com/d_06_310.htm
if you go back a page you can see that there are other injection aids, this was the one shown to me though. [barnzenen, Sep 30 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

palcolabs main page http://www.palcolab...InjectionsMain.html
[barnzenen, Sep 30 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Electric Stimulation Injection http://www.children...es.com/d_06_330.htm
About half way down the page on left. (Couldn't help myself with the short name.-lost the open page under my full 'desktop') [hollajam, Oct 01 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I can just see now -- ducks taking on the same kind of evil aura associated with snakes, bats, and spiders in the movies.   

       This could spawn a whole new horror movie genre...
Wes, Sep 30 2002

       Well, as a person having been 'kissed' by a duck, it's not painless. Actually, it hurts a great deal. The damn thing left a mark on my arm and a couple on my legs for a few days. A goose got my wife once, they call it goosing for a reason, and it hurt her too. She turned around and smacked the goose on the head. Never, I repeat, never let a duck kiss you, no matter how much they plead and beg, never let a duck kiss you. A teddy bear might be nice though.   

       On a bakeable note, there is something like this out there. My son doesn't like to take his shots, so his doc offered to perscribe us something that covers the needle. He gave us a quick demsonstration, all you have to do is measure the dosage, put the needle in the device, lock it, cock it, put it on arm and push the button. The insulin is given before the child knows about it, if the child stands still. I knew mine wouldn't, so we didn't take the doc up on the prescription. The one the doc showed us looked like a big gel-cap pill. I'll see if I can find a link.
barnzenen, Sep 30 2002

       Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "kissing the duck".
MichaelW, Sep 30 2002

       Doc: "Here, breathe deeply from this nitrous mask"
You: (huff, huff)
Doc: [poke] "You're done, you can take the mask off"
You: "Already? Are you sure I wasn't supposed to get more of those? No? Well, umm, can you check on other patients for a minute and come back?"
Mr Burns, Sep 30 2002

       Opinion: You'll have trouble seeing the gooseflesh, so you'll invariably strike it and sadly cause more pain than were you to proceed straightforwardly.   

       Nonetheless, I like the idea.
reensure, Sep 30 2002

       So now we'll be seeing duck exchange programs...?
DrCurry, Sep 30 2002

blissmiss, Oct 01 2002

       [Amos Kito], I think further research would be helpful here. It appears industry is a step and a half ahead. see [link]   

       I haven't found related material yet on the 'drawing' of blood from children which may still benefit from something similar here.
hollajam, Oct 01 2002

       Politicians instead of animals, I say. Let the kids develop fears over politicians, in 30yrs we wont want them anymore.   

       Best thing for world peace!
rumbletumbler, Oct 04 2002

       Good one Amos, I hate needles and anything which would hide the sharp pointy bit from view deserves a croissant.
madradish, Oct 04 2002

       Use Rabbits, not Ducks. Rabbits are Eeeeviil. Ask any self-respecting Medieval European (oh, bugger they're all dead, aren't they :-) ), or Anya (Buffy the Vampire Slayer series).
CrumbsDM, Oct 04 2002

       I hate taking my kids in for shots. The last time I took my doughter, she was two years old and kept crying "daddy, kiss it, it hurts". It broke my heart. And now I'm coming up on her third birthday. Of course it would be much worse for them to actually get something a shot could prevent, it is just hard to see your kids go through anything rough.
namuh, Mar 17 2003

       So what do you with dirty ducks? What will the junkie think in his stare of alteredness when he sees a duck staring up at him after shooting up? Hould a duck loaded with drugs be a f**ked up duck?
flipmstr2, Jul 27 2003

       "Wow. I got kissed in the elbow by a heroin duck. That's kind of interesting."
disbomber, Apr 14 2005

       "He took a duck in the face at fifty knots"   

       -William Gibson
-Pattern Recognition-
normzone, Apr 14 2005

       I have been having nightmares about this evil blooddrinking duck.
bungston, Apr 24 2005

       i saw this on a sketch comedy show yesterday. it was a bunny though.
benfrost, Apr 24 2005

       This could be used to sub-conciously cause an aversion to whatever is giving the shot. This would, in all probability, end in the extinction of the duck.
hidden truths, Apr 24 2005


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