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Blair Witch Game Show

Like "Survivor" but better.
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Seen "The Blair Witch Project"?

Basically, several teams of mismatched people carrying a few supplies and a video camera are sent into a forest to complete "objectives" (find the cemetary etc.) and try to beat everyone else.

However, at night (and sometimes during daylight), some things will happen that will scare the crap out of them, that will (like in the movie), break them. They have a beacon, that once activated, will get them "rescued", and also toss them out from the game.

The last team to remain, or the first to exit and complete all objectives will win X amount of money.

And this is all recorded on their cameras. Ratings winner, I reckon.

mrkillboy, Jun 30 2000

Scream Test http://www.screamtest.tv
Network Ten Australia's new "game" show places four contestants (such as the typical skeptic, believer, easily scared or psychic) in one creepy and allegedly haunted location, give them a handycam and have them set out to complete a couple of tasks. Hmmm, I'm beginning to wonder if the producers somehow stumbled onto this page! And lets not forget the Blair Witch "homages": the shakycam, the similar looking website, and even animated titles looking like they were directly ripped off from the DVD menu screens! But anyway, although the producers (who are in a control room near by) at times play "pranks" (like playing sounds, or rigging something to move) that cheapen the experience, there are somethings that are noted and even recorded that are genuinely creepy. And yes, it's screamtest-dot-T.V. [mrkillboy, Jun 30 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Scare Tactics http://www.scifi.co...etactics/exclusive/
I will watch this!! [blahginger, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       That would be cool. Sign me up for the first day. I would love to be in a game like that.
tenelka3001, Jun 30 2000

       kinda hard to load your drawers knowing that it's fake. maybe like 1 in every 666 people can acutally get severe bodily harm inflicted upon them...something to leave 'em guessing and, er..crapping.
warped1974, Jun 30 2000

       yeah I'm really excited to play this game, I was really impressed by the movie, the fear of the unknown I suppose. I hope there will be big big weapons like Quake III or Halflife, to blow up to hell this fucking witch !!!
Agent Smith, Aug 19 2000

       I Agree that knowing that you are going to be messed with will take most of the fear out of any thing that happens. So...don't tell them.   

       Send them off with some tasks and the knowledge that they are on a game show. But the real show is the people in the studio trying to guess who will freak out first.   

       Essentially this would be just like Candid Camera with wagering.
blahginger, Sep 09 2000

       BAKED! http://www.mtv.com/mtv/tubescan/fear/ from the site: "Nothing feels more real than Fear. Tune in for the first installment on Thursday, September 21st at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), 9 p.m. (CT). The second episode airs Saturday, October 28th.   

       Those with a fear of the dark need not apply. This is gonna get intense! Fear finds six contestants in a truly haunted house for a weekend. But that's just the beginning. Forget the truth, can these kids withstand the dares? MTV's taking reality to a new dimension." looks awesome, and takes the fake element out by saying its a real haunted house...the first installment will be inside of a condemed prison...
cybercyph, Sep 09 2000

       Why not have the contestents discover a bunch of witches videotaping ghosts watching MTV? Why hedge around?
Ander, Sep 09 2000

       MTV's show 'Fear' was quite interesting - take a group of people, send them to an undisclosed location that is rumored to be haunted. Have them watch a videotape of 'experts' explaining the history of the place they are to explore, what has happened there, and why it is rumored to be haunted (& how). Then give each person a mission to carry out, each of them with their strapped-on camera (no camera crew). They're isolated, in a scary and unfamiliar place. If they stay and complete all the missions they win $3,000. If they can't hack it, and cannot complete a mission, they don't win anything and have to leave.   

       MTV has done a good job thus far, but I've only seen two episodes of it. The first was in a condemned penitentiary. If you can imagine the darkness, the smell of this place, with all the cold metal and concrete surrounding you, having just watched a videotape of what happened there while the prison was open and how it was rumored to be haunted - all of this will be flashing through your mind as you attempt to complete your mission. Missions I remember from that episode were for one guy to go into the 'hole' by himself for 15 minutes, a girl had to go into deathrow to remove a sheet from an old electric chair, and someone else had to go into a room where there had been a bloodbath of a prison riot. Your heart beat faster as you watched them attempt to complete their mission, sometimes you laughed, sometimes you would say something like 'there's no way in hell I'd be doing that' or 'no problem, piece of cake you coward.' As we all know, wind does blow inside buildings where there's a wind tunnel (and some of them didn't seem to think of this when they felt a 'shudder'), pipes do make noise, and your mind is capable of handling whatever belief systems you hold dear, and quite adept at applying them to whatever circumstances you may find yourself in.   

       In my humble opinion, MTV made a great show, but they need to continue their excellent work and come out with some new episodes. Anyone hear anything about this possibility?
rorourke, Apr 13 2001


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