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Canadian Winter Survivor

16 people dropped in the middle of the Yukon instead of the Tropics.
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Get 16 people together with the idea that they are going to some survivor tropical paradise, then drop them in the middle of the Yukon during the end of the "summer season". Tell them that they have 39 days and whoever is left when the helicopter comes back is deemed a true survivor. None of that "here is fire", "here is food", "you can go home when you want to" crap. These people will be real survivors.
xcpostman, Jun 05 2004


       I read a similar idea in a newspaper - someone had suggested a programme called "The Last Survivor" involving a Big Brother style house wired with cameras, twelve self-obsessed egomaniacs and a Bengal tiger.
wagster, Jun 05 2004

       Why Canadia?   

       Ya, but as a dual citizen, who has experience in both: Americans volunteer to die for war, canadians really don't volunteer to bleed to death in the waiting room.
brewer, Jun 05 2004

       sorry, late night idea that went bad. I need to stop watching conspiracy theory TV programs when I'm out of it. I didn't mean to offend anyone and I appologize if I have.
xcpostman, Jun 05 2004

       perhaps some of them will die.
neilp, Jun 05 2004

       cool, but they'll all be carried off and eaten by the snowmobile sized mosquitos before the first episode is filmed. I like this idea, but I think something similar has been tried on OLN with the wilderness challenge or something.   

       Canada is, of course, preferable to other northern polar climes because of the abundance of wide spaces devoid of anything but roks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rocks and water. and snow, of course. also, the episode with people removing frostbitten toes is more interesting than removing the tropical parasites.
schematics, Jun 05 2004


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