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Blowfish Tearaways

You don't know where that window's been
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There are times when we all (well, myself anyway, and I'm extrapolating) feel the need to apply a "blowfish" face to someone's window. But no, you really couldn't be that crude, because it leaves a horrible mess - your lip prints, and the gooshy nose mark...

Now, abandon your hesitancy. Blowfish Tearaways come in a twenty-sheet pack of crystal-clear plastic that will adhere promptly to the window. Just pull out the pad, peel one off and pop it on the window. Seal your lips against it in a big round kiss, and blow those cheeks out for all you're worth. Cross your eyes a bit. Then step back, take a breath, and snatch the fogged nose-greased Tearaway off the window. You leave those beyond the window with no evidence except the frightful memory.

lurch, Jun 15 2003

Graffiti To-Go http://www.halfbake...ea/Graffiti_20To-Go
by roby. A similar product (including suggested material) with a different intent. [my face your, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Dryline Applicator http://www.business...orrection-tape.html
Leaves a strip of dry white-out. I think the above needs something similar. [Trout, Dec 29 2004]

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       I hope the only fish this idea sees is in the title. (+)   

       Something like PDA screen protector film, only a bit bigger, and a bit thinner...
Cedar Park, Jun 15 2003

       Elegantly childish. (+)   

       So I don’t have to rub the window with my sleeve anymore? - Cool!
Shz, Jun 15 2003

       Excellent, Smithers!
thumbwax, Jun 15 2003

       I want opaque film for copying machines.
FarmerJohn, Jun 15 2003

       Perhaps you could use the wrappers from cheese slices?
friendlyfire, Jun 15 2003

       You one very silly Lurch. I likes.
bungston, Jun 15 2003

       Someone voted against this idea? It's wonderful. + Yay! My vote made it go to 2.5 croissants.
sartep, Jun 19 2003

       //Seal your lips against it in a big round kiss, and blow those cheeks out for all you're worth.// Sounds like a moonfish.
FarmerJohn, Jun 19 2003

       Maybe you could market them as "Hooties".   

       Then again, maybe not.
egbert, Jun 19 2003

       [lurch], why is it necessary to "snatch the fogged nose-greased Tearaway off the window?"
k_sra, Jun 20 2003

       Heh! +
DrBob, Jun 20 2003

       [k sra] - "serving suggestion"
lurch, Jun 20 2003

       If you used the same stuff that removable window stickers are, you would probably experience less spit blow-off therefore having a tighter seal for maximum inflation.
demtangs, Jun 20 2003

       Here I thought this was going to be something about public key cryptography and the little tear-offs you get at the bottom of "wanted" or "for sale" posters.
beland, Jan 07 2004

       I really could use this thing in town when I'm walking across the street and there are cars honking at me when the've got a red light! I could blowfish their car windows then run!   

       You could have the tearaways have printed designs on them to enhance your "blowfish", sort of like the film with preexposed picture frames on the image.
macrumpton, Jun 03 2004

       This would also protect the blowfish administrator; presumably the tearaways are at least a little cleaner than most windows. Or maybe that's just my windows.
bigtooth, Jun 29 2004

       It occurs to me that a long roll of blowfish tearaway could be unfurled to cover the entire length of a streetside restaurant window, and then a whole row of blowfish could be made at the patron within.
bungston, Aug 22 2004

       Completely insane. [+]
zigness, Aug 23 2004

       Love it! You could collect your blowfish rints and have a gallery. Bun for you!
energy guy, Aug 23 2004

       Good idea for a face condom, but wouldn't the print come away with the plastic, leaving a slightly cleaner square area where the pressure of the plastc adhered to the dirt on the window?
jaksplat, Dec 15 2004

       I'll buy 'em! More of this stuff from [lurch] please. And as it appears that the Great Crash (TM) has wiped previous high croissantage, may I begin reinstatement of past status with a big fat bun.
wagster, Dec 15 2004

       The one catch would be in the application--it sounds like it would take long enough to get a clean, wrinkle-free placement that the element of surprise would be lost. Maybe a specialized applicator--kind of like a cross between a paint roller and dryline stripper? [q.v.]   

       Mere quibbling, though. Bread for you!
Trout, Dec 29 2004

DesertFox, Dec 29 2004

       Just bumping a classic.
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2008

       Ace - I'd like to see these provided to the populace by the Ministry of Silly Faces.+
zen_tom, Apr 27 2008

       [+] You could use the material they use for visor tear-offs in Formula 1, that must have all the properties you need.
marklar, Apr 28 2008


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