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Cell Phone Driving Alcoves

A safe, quick haven for those of us that stop driving when using cell phone
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I'm seeing small alcoves for car drivers that prefer to stop when using their cell phone while in the car.

These Alcoves would basiclly be glorified Emergency stops along side the road that a driver can quickly stop, use cell phone, and resume driving.

Maybe even cell phone hook ups could be installed to encourage drivers to actually use these. And take yet another hazard off the road.

sin, Aug 14 2001


       I like this idea --- although on the vast majority of roads, you can already pull off onto a shoulder or something on short notice. (Harder in the city, of course. But a 3-minute-loading-zone or currently-unused-driveway is a fine place to finish off a brief phone call.)
wiml, Aug 16 2001

       I don't think rest stops are frequent enough. Where I live, at least, the highways only have rest stops if the towns are more than, oh, 20 minutes apart.
wiml, Aug 16 2001


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