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Bluetooth for landlines

Why not?
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Bluetooth technology allows you to speak on your cell phone up to 30 feet away from the phone. Why not have the same thing for your house phone? I've noticed that it can be very difficult to type on the computer and talk on the phone at the same time, and while speaker phones exist, they allow everyone else in the room to hear your conversation. I say make a Bluetooth earpiece for landlines!
21 Quest, Sep 16 2006

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       blimey, I read that as landmines...
po, Sep 16 2006

       lol....not a bad idea po.... I'll have to give that some thought.
21 Quest, Sep 17 2006

       What po said.
DrCurry, Sep 17 2006

       They don't have wireless house phones and headsets where you are?
jutta, Sep 17 2006

       I like the idea. I just bought a new cell and purchased a bluetooth headset. I love having being handsfree when i am working at my PC and talking. I once had a cordless land-line phone that used a corded hands-free mic that allowed me to clip the handset to my belt and use the mic. Bluetooth would do the exact same but remove the cord between the cordless handset and the head set.

       There are cordless headset options for land-lines but they cost hundreds in the US. My bluetooth for my cell cost me $29.
MoreCowbell, Sep 17 2006


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