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Bon Bomb

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Have a bit of fun by dropping a Bon Bon Fizz Bomb.

Massive sherbert bon bons with outer powdery sherbert coatings.Yellow,red,blue..The internal of the bon bon sphere is half filled with water.Upon a calculated projection "impact" The bon bon Fizz Bomb explodes . The water mix is propelled through the sphere's tight perforations spreading enormous amounts of goopy-slimey sherbert powder which is now a liquified sticky goo, imobilsing your foes in a sugary Ffzzzzzz..!

(abit like paintball really)

skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

Zotz Candies http://www.80s.com/...e/issue1/page1.html
4th one down the page [Mr Burns, Oct 22 2002]

Bonbons http://www.sugarboy...ets.asp?sweet=10468
Bigger. [skinflaps, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Sherbet deconfused http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherbet
[imaginality, Jul 01 2007]


       Anyone remember "Zots" candy? Similar effect when ingested.
Mr Burns, Oct 22 2002

       Sort of in the original "Fizzies" family of fine foods, I am sure. (When I was 6 my brother convinced me that when you placed one on your tongue and closed your mouth the popping and fizzling you felt, actually was brain cells being zapped.)
blissmiss, Oct 22 2002

       It's not?
snarfyguy, Oct 22 2002

       dunno [snarf] I had a six pack a day habit.
blissmiss, Oct 22 2002

       who will be brave enough to answer that!
po, Oct 22 2002

       My younger brother ate an entire packet of the Zots Power Pellets in one mouthful, which was followed quickly by foam erupting violently from his nose and mouth.. I don't think they are on the market anymore. (later: yes, they still are, just not the power pellets)
Mr Burns, Oct 22 2002

       <feeling brave>Well, that explains everything</feeling brave>
thumbwax, Oct 23 2002

       Sometimes I live in the city
Sometimes I live in the town
Sometimes I get a great notion
To slap someone around
blissmiss, Oct 23 2002

       the enemy forces must eat their way to freedom. by the time they escape, they are too obese to be a military threat. they join jenny craig, lose the weight while gaining self-esteem and discipline, and happily join their local productive work force. world peace ensues. croissant for achieving nirvana through sherbert!
china, Oct 23 2002

       <confused> These Zots, are they the same as the sherbert spaceships i used to shoplift from the local corner shop as a kid when being brought up hammered with morals whilst living in the U.K ? <confused>
skinflaps, Oct 24 2002

       I remember eating a sherbie and then taking a swig of beer without realising the consequences of my actions. it was disaster.
Gulherme, Dec 11 2002

       candy mmm...ahhh...ohh..ahh... explosives
crash, Jul 01 2007

       Cultural disconnect: What does "Sherbet" mean on your side of the pond? Over here it is typically fruit juice frozen into an ice cream like consistency.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 01 2007

       What we mean by 'sherbet' in the UK is a fizzy powder (usually cream soda- or fruit-flavoured) used in some sweets (candies), that according to Wiki, "would be somewhat comparable to the powder in Pixy Stix or Lik-M-Aid/Fun Dip, though having the fizzy quality of Pop Rocks effervescing candy."
imaginality, Jul 01 2007

       This idea reminds me of a news story I read a while ago (I'll look for a link), about an unfortunate child who microwaved a bon-bon. The boiled-sugar outside wasn't too hot, but the inside was super-hot, and it exploded with painful consequences.   

       [skinflap]'s version sounds fun though. [+]
imaginality, Jul 01 2007


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