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Egg Launcher

Bike-based contraption launches eggs at passing houses, people or cars
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It's basically a catapult screwed on the handlebars of any bicycle. You just load it up and the spring action launcher puts that baby up in the air and powers it into somebody's face, wall or car window.

The catapult detaches and becomes a hand held device, like a Palm pilot or something, enabling the person to walk and launch eggs into the air.

d-eschew, Feb 08 2001


       Actually, if you want to keep cars away from you, there's another good idea:   

       Just as villians in many movies have retractable blades that come out of their wheels, used to slit the wheels of others, the same could apply for bikes.   

       Many a time have I been riding when some idiot tries to make a right turn and cut me off, or simply pull to far into an intersection to make a turn.   

       Blades (or some other scraping device) protruding from handlebars and pedals would send the right message to drivers.   

       "Oops. Gee, I'm real sorry about your paint job. I guess if you hadn't cut me off then this mishap could be avoided. Oh well."
Wes, Feb 08 2001

       Personally I believe that there is one sure fire way for Bicyclists and Pedestrians to avoid problems with Automobiles. STAY ON THE DAMN SIDEWALK!!!!!!   

       Why do People ride in the street when they have a perfectly good sidewalk 3 feet away??? I guess some people just deserve to be hit by cars.
Mastermind, Jul 29 2001

       //'I guess some people just deserve to be hit by cars.'//
And some pedestrians deserve to be hit by cyclists?
angel, Jul 31 2001

       Mastermind: Check your local bylaws. In many cities bicycles are prohibited on sidewalks.
cheeselikesubstance, Jul 31 2001

       If i walk on the pavements, sometimes i get funny looks from cyclists. Especially if i dont get out of their way. Surely i`m an accessory to a crime if i get out of their way?   

       Then again, if i walk in the road, i get funny looks from drivers.   

       You cant win, can you? Think i`ll just stay indoors and hide under the bed.
Pallex, Jul 31 2001

       Maybe, get a motorcylce?
HMav, Aug 21 2002


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