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ocean dessert

it is a jellyfish dessert made of jello
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could be served in a seafood restaurant. goes well with swedish fish.
davey l, Aug 17 2011


       <does best Crush the turtle impression>
"Takin on the jellies..."

       I kind of like it and I'm surprised that *jello jellyfish* isn't already a thing.
Unfortunatetly it's also sort of recipe-ish and likely to have a short shelf life.

       Welcome eh.   

       Interesting question occurs to me though, perhaps best pursued with ctenophores rather than jellyfish - is that stuff they're made of an alternative to gelatin? Also, sea slugs are said to taste spicy because they contain nematocyst poison, so a small jellyfish would make a spicy jelly.
nineteenthly, Aug 17 2011

       + I think it's very cute!
xandram, Aug 17 2011


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