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Bowling Ball Bombs

Use Bowling Balls for Bombs
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Replace usual exploding bombs with bowling balls: 1. When dropped causes initial damage and collateral damage when bouncing. 2. If enough are dropped they roll down to low areas (self correcting ordinance) and fill valleys by piling up. 3. Once an area is covered with bowling balls it will be impossible to walk or drive over them because they will spin against each other. 4. Excellent for use in caves since they can be deposited at the entrance and will roll to the bottom of cave. If cave goes up or curves from entrance, forcing enough bowling balls into entrance will clog it up for good. 5. If the enemy tries to move them, it will take one man per ball. Even then, they can't walk to the center but have to work from the edges of pile. Many man-hours taken up in this exercise, the very strenuous work of carrying the balls will tire out the enemy thus making them unwilling to fight. 6. Non-combatant friendly, will never blow up and later can be used after war for fill in lagoons and bays to add more land to build on, or they can be stacked with cement to form houses or walls.

The world’s first friendly munitions that prevents the enemy from fighting back!

If you think about it, many other advantages are obvious...

turnermj, Apr 26 2002


       Thinking about it. Nah, I give up. What are the other obvious advantages, besides creating a professional terrorist bowling league? Actually, just forget that I asked...
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2002

       Well cannonballs used to quite effective and what you are describing here is a very high-grade cannonball. Your idea looks like an excellent retro-weapon to me.
Aristotle, Apr 27 2002

       I think the primary advantage here lies in instances in which it becomes necessary to attack small poverty stricken third world countries consisting entirely of bowling pins.
Isaac, Apr 27 2002

       Funny, Isaac.
bristolz, Apr 27 2002

       Anyway the survivors could sell the bowling balls and therefore help to stimulate the local economy with aid of a new export. The weapons themselves would become the vehicles of economic recovery.
Aristotle, Apr 27 2002

       When I was growing up in rural northern California, some friends raised swine as part of their involvement in 4-H or FFA. We once donated several old bowling balls to them.   

       Hold on, this'll make sense in a second (well, maybe not)...   

       It seems that the pigs enjoyed pushing the bowling balls around the pen. It also worked their muscles to get them in better shape for showing.   

       Now, if you could train pigs to push these "bombs" exactly to the desired target...precision porcine guided weaponry. Now you've just added a post-war food supply in addition to recreation. An entire economy rebuilt on barbecue and bowling.
half, Apr 27 2002

       Kind of related: In the US, according to FAA regulations, it's legal to drop a bowling ball out of an airplane as long as it doesn't cause harm to persons or property.   

       There used to be, or may still be, an unofficial accuracy contest for student pilots in Arizona doing just this!
dag, Apr 30 2002

       What about the bowling ball's plutonium core? Wouldn't that cause radiation problems?
Amishman35, Jan 13 2005

       // Even then, they can't walk to the center but have to work from the edges of pile.//   

       Does this mean that to defend your city, you should surround it completely by bowling balls?
phundug, Jan 13 2005

       Call me old fashioned, but this idea is bollocks.
DaveW-H, Jan 13 2005

       "your old fashioned"
skinflaps, Jan 13 2005

       I thought so...
DaveW-H, Jan 13 2005

       It occurs to me that deploying the bowling balls will also take a lot of manpower. One possibility would be to train airmen in B52s to throw simultaneously with each hand. This would halve the manpower required. The training facilities could also give rise (as so many defense innovations do) to a new game of doubleballed bowling.   

       This concept gives new meaning to the term "airstrike".
bungston, Jan 13 2005

       Oh, I thought these were exploding bowling balls. Something that comes in a big ACME box, perhaps.   

       You could make them out of celluose nitrate instead of bakelite, and then if you ever needed to set them off, you'd just have to shoot one.
Macwarrior, Mar 14 2005

       Will the special forces folks that use these weapons wear weird shoes and shirts? I'm not voting until I hear so.....
normzone, Mar 14 2005


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