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Det Net

A net made of det cord... Det Net (see link).
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I searched all over the place looking for prior art. I Googled, I searched all the appropriate HB categories I could think of... and I'm really shocked this hasn't been done before. But here goes...

As stated in the Summary line, it's a net made of detonating cord, deployed via a simple net launcher and triggered using an impact-sensitive primer, useful for all sorts of things. Possible applications include having a large net buried under leaves and remote detonated when a mass of enemy troops walks over it. Basically, a rapidly deployable and easily removeable minefield. Not powerful enough to stop tanks, but just right for antipersonnel use.

Another excellent use would be to have a very large Det Net trailing behind and to the sides of ships passing through the Gulf of Aden, a fathom or two below the surface. Any pirates attempting to board would drive their boats right over the net, then the crews could simply hoist it up against the offenders' hull and detonate it, literally blasting the boat out from under the pirates, while sparing their lives (If they drown, that's their own fault for pirating without knowing how to swim).

Or, it could be deployed via net launcher to drape over the top of a pirate boat, to blast the crew and leave the burned-out hull intact, to remain afloat as a grisly warning to other would-be pirates.

Brutal and controversial, yet amazing in its simplicity and effectiveness, and sure to bring a swift end to any conflict in which it is used. Det Net. Order yours today.

21 Quest, Apr 16 2009

Det Cord in action http://www.youtube....watch?v=FU64SLmn60s
[21 Quest, Apr 16 2009]


       Trailing a //very large// net behind a ship burns fuel like crazy - it is what you do if you do not want the ship to move, for instance after loosing an anchor in a storm.

       A //minefield// that can be discarded in its entirity after finding any part of it is not that effective, as minefields go.

       If the only problem in piracy was blowing the pirate ship up, the problem would have been solved yesterday - the problem is in the vastness of the area to be covered, the undetectability of the boats and the limitless supply of desperate people.
loonquawl, Apr 16 2009

       21 quest, Mr Predictable. Break free of the box man.
WcW, Apr 16 2009

       // Break free of the box man//

       But with a Det Net, I could be blasted free!!!
21 Quest, Apr 16 2009


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