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Deadman's Switch Lock

Hand getting tired holding that deadman's switch? Lock it!
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So I planted my doomsday device somewhere on a tiny island, but now I have to hang onto this infernal deadman's switch for the rest of my life to make everyone do my evil bidding. Boy, is my hand getting tired! If only this deadman's switch had a little lockdown, like the one on a gas pump, so that I could give my hands a rest from time to time, like at naptime or when I need both hands to cook, surf the web, or vivisect nuns and orphans in my evil laboratory. Lock-down deadman's switch comes with lanyard so you can hang it around your neck for completely hands-free world domination!
luxlucet, Nov 10 2005


       Um, the point of a dead man's switch is usually for dangerous gambits that could end in your death. The idea being that, if you die and let go, everyone else dies with you. Because of this, most items with a dead man's switch function can be released from said function if you want. This is to ensure that the user doesn't seal his/her fate by activating the switch in a aforementioned gambit.   

       [-] for not smelling the bakedness of this idea.
Shadow Phoenix, Jan 10 2008


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